Webserver Troubles

As you may or may not have noticed I am having a little trouble trying to keep the website up and running. I was with a webhosting company who allowed themselves to be hacked in order to catch a guy who was hacking them, but the problem is they completely screwed me over because they didn’t back up and I had a bunch of important files with them. After leaving these guys a friend of mine generously gave me webspace to hose the website on and I was slowly working to get things back up, then POW, that server is hacked too.

As you can see, I am not having much luck, although I have managed to get my home server up and running with the website. You can visited the website at http://archilles.homeunix.com/ until the webhost is back up, when it will return to the usual address of http://uat.bananasontoast.org/ and everything is back to normal. User weblogs are *SORT OF* working at the URL http://archilles.homeunix.com/members/username/ if you replace username with the usual user name. These are a read only format of the weblogs, users cannot make any new posts, but unfortunately this is the best I can do right now.

Thank you to all who have commented on my website and to all of who who read my weblog regularly. If it wasn’t for the support of you all (200+ comments and going strong) I probably wouldn’t be writing any more. I totally appreciate it and I hope you continue to read my weblog now and until I can get through this rough patch of web hosting.

To all the users, I am so sorry for all the hassles. You guys have really stuck through some garbage with all these server issues and I respect you all for it. Thanks so much guys, you all rock. I hope to get your weblogs back into full motion as soon as possible, but unfortunately, I cannot make any garuntees. My suggestion to you all is to request a backup file of all your entries from me and try starting a journal at a free place such as blogger.com or livejournal. You will still be welcome to return if I get things worked out and if I don’t get things worked out, then you haven’t lost anything.

Thanks for listening to the rant.

— Mitch