So geek it hurts!

Special thanks to Paul for thinking up the little slogan for the website. It actually happened by chance while we were chatting on IRC and he was kinda having a go at me because I was watching Star Trek. I threw the string into google and saw that it hadn’t been taken by another website and that I wouldn’t be copying anyone (except for Paul, obviously), so I though, ‘what the heck, it’s a cool phrase and it pretty well sums me up!’

IRC Log (I am Kaneda and Paul is bleaver)

* Kaneda is watching a Trek episode, so I’ll be dissapearing for periods guys. 🙂
* Kaneda hasn’t seen “All Good Things” in so long… 😀
<bleaver> hahaha
<bleaver> so geek it hurts 😛
<Kaneda> lol
<Kaneda> that’s me

The best part is, it totally is me! 100% geek and proud. It’s never been so clear to me before, as it is now, that it is a good time to be a geek and that I should be proud of it.

Note: I also noticed that this is entry number 204, which means, I passed my 200th birthday without even knowing it. Happy Birthday to all my readers!