Medal Tally

I was sitting and staring at the medal tally on the “Games”. I call it the “Games” because apparently if you call it anything else you can be sued or some crap. Anyway, I was thinking that Australia didn’t do too bad considering how small we are. In fact, we kicked everyones ass if you look at it as medals per million. Check it!

Medal Tally
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total Medals Population (Million) Medals Per Capita
1 United States 35 39 29 103 294.14 0.35
2 China 32 17 14 63 1,297.41 0.05
3 Russia 27 27 38 92 143.78 0.64
4 Australia 17 16 16 49 20.00 2.45
5 Japan 16 9 12 37 127.33 0.29
6 Germany 14 16 18 48 82.42 0.58
7 France 11 9 13 33 60.42 0.55
8 Italy 10 11 11 32 58.06 0.55
9 Korea 9 12 9 30 48.60 0.62
10 Great Britain 9 9 12 30 60.27 0.5

Happy Birthday!!!

Well bananas on toast turned 1 today! While my weblog is about 1 and a half, the domain name and this website has finally hit a 1 year anniversary.

One year anniversary stats:
Total Posts: 234
Total Comments: 250
Commenter’s: 27
Most popular category: Personal Blog with a total of 119 postings.
Most popular entry: Valentines Shmalentines with 7 comments and about 14 angry emails. w00t!
Worst moment: Receiving over 200 spam comments in one night and having to manually deleting them all
Best moment: Every time I receive a new comment is always great, but getting a comment from Wil Wheaton and having my review published by O’Reilly was definitely the highlight of the last year.
Funniest moment: The guy who was emailing me for a short while using broken English and telling me that my weblog wasn’t as funny as it used to be.
Most embarrassing moment: Realizing he was right.

All work and no play makes Mitch go something-something…

Wow, I don’t think I have ever been so busy. Someone from the board of The Company Who Wishes To Remain Unnamedâ„¢ has just contacted me and asked me to design yet another website, and also told me that he plans on pushing to the major upgrade which I recommended, which would be good for them and great for my bank account. I also received an email late last night from someone else who wants me to design a website for them. This basically means I really need to hurry up and register a Business Number as well as get a portfolio website together – I am thinking of calling it “Emm Squared Studios” or “Emm Squared Design House” something similar.

More than ever, time management is more and more important. I really need to begin separating work from play and begin getting a touch more work-work done. I usually call “work” when I am working on this website, or helping friends out with their websites, although now I really have some work to get done, so it means that projects like that will have to come second often.

Green Jeans

There is a new theme called “Green Jeans” added to the website. The idea came when I was feeling a little bored and decided to try something a bit different. The green from the background came from a screenshot I was looking at and the other greens are all modifications of the background color.

I’m not 100% sure what themes I like and don’t like yet, or what I will keep. Currently there are 10 themes, each with a stylesheet that has to load before the website will appear, which obviously makes it a little slow, so that is motivation to remove some or at least decide which are more important.

Comments on this are more than welcome, I would love to know what themes visitors like and dislike and if they think any of them need improvement or have any ideas for improvement.

New Site Design(s)

Wow, what a great few days it has been. Firstly I went back and perfected all my XHTML and CSS, made every element of the design rely entirely on Style Sheets rather than embedded styling and went to work on the blue design. After that, I realized how easy it would be to make subsequent style sheets, did so, and the theme selector on the right is the result; 4 themes (as of this post) and more to come when I become inspired.

Site designs so far include; default blue, red, green, yellow (inspired by jark‘s website), newspaper print, Colon Parenthesis v1.0 Theme (a skin of my original website, and smiley (a skin of my later colon parenthesis work). Basically these themes have been spat out in the last 4 hours and will undergo a great deal of tweaking and altering until they are final and some may even get thrown out all-together. I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve been watching a lot of Voyager lately, which is cool. As huge a fan as I am of Star Trek, it becomes more and more clear that as the years have gone by, the plot holes have increased and become bigger – honestly, wasn’t there someone responsible for making sure that established facts weren’t changed from episode to episode? Geeky, I know, but meh.