New Site Design(s)

Wow, what a great few days it has been. Firstly I went back and perfected all my XHTML and CSS, made every element of the design rely entirely on Style Sheets rather than embedded styling and went to work on the blue design. After that, I realized how easy it would be to make subsequent style sheets, did so, and the theme selector on the right is the result; 4 themes (as of this post) and more to come when I become inspired.

Site designs so far include; default blue, red, green, yellow (inspired by jark‘s website), newspaper print, Colon Parenthesis v1.0 Theme (a skin of my original website, and smiley (a skin of my later colon parenthesis work). Basically these themes have been spat out in the last 4 hours and will undergo a great deal of tweaking and altering until they are final and some may even get thrown out all-together. I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve been watching a lot of Voyager lately, which is cool. As huge a fan as I am of Star Trek, it becomes more and more clear that as the years have gone by, the plot holes have increased and become bigger – honestly, wasn’t there someone responsible for making sure that established facts weren’t changed from episode to episode? Geeky, I know, but meh.