Happy Birthday!!!

Well bananas on toast turned 1 today! While my weblog is about 1 and a half, the domain name and this website has finally hit a 1 year anniversary.

One year anniversary stats:
Total Posts: 234
Total Comments: 250
Commenter’s: 27
Most popular category: Personal Blog with a total of 119 postings.
Most popular entry: Valentines Shmalentines with 7 comments and about 14 angry emails. w00t!
Worst moment: Receiving over 200 spam comments in one night and having to manually deleting them all
Best moment: Every time I receive a new comment is always great, but getting a comment from Wil Wheaton and having my review published by O’Reilly was definitely the highlight of the last year.
Funniest moment: The guy who was emailing me for a short while using broken English and telling me that my weblog wasn’t as funny as it used to be.
Most embarrassing moment: Realizing he was right.