Slowly going the way of…

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on some really boring programming projects. Mostly helping friends out with work, trouble shooting some old code I had given up on and just keeping my head active. The job hunting is going well, a few people seem rather interested in me, but no work just yet. I’m not bummed though, it could take a while before I find a job that I am compatible with.

Tomorrow we leave on our trip to the coast, packed with fishing and various other relaxing events. I can’t wait to relax and maybe get into some more writing, so I am going to take my laptop and make the most of the time. I usually like to have time away from the computer when I go away, but I am really motivated to do some writing at the moment – I have found some special inspiration.

Taking Over Me

I believe in you,
I’ll give up everything just to find you,
I have to be with you, to live, to breathe,
You’re taking over me.

Since my last post nothing much has really happened. There has been some major developments in my life, but none of which I am prepared to talk about at this time on my weblog. Life couldn’t be better though, I’ve been really happy and just spending lots of time with friends.

I am currently applying for various jobs and hopefully some more work will come my way. I still want to do freelance work, but I think if I stagnate in it for too long my lack of actual employment will begin to count against me. I really want to work in Dubbo, to stay close to my friends, but I also realize that I may have to move to Sydney to get a decent IT job, so I have applied there too.

This entry is short and sweet. Not enough (that I wish to write here anyway) has happened that I can report. I’ll be away for the October long-weekend and going deep sea fishing with my family, should be a good bit of fun. I am going to do some writing while I am gone and hopefully will be able to keep the weblog updated, even if I have to resort to keeping an offline version and posting it all when I get back.

w00t weekends, Volume 1 – Part 2

All stories must end, thus I sit here and write the end of the weekend story. Sorry to all my devoted fans that it has taken so long. Hahahaha

Right now I am just feeling great. We’re in a good pub, we’re being treated really good by everyone and they just seem to love us, the bar staff are coming every few minutes to make sure we have a great time and it just ends up being a blast.

I am Jack, renewed.

Usually when The Boys go out, we have to deal with so much shit. Dubbo is such a redneck place and any “pretty boys” or guys who look different (i.e. Not wearing Wrangler jeans and don’t have their collars up) deserves to be bashed. We constantly put up with shit, so right now we are enjoying a minimal amount of attention and just having a blast.

I am Jack, relaxed.

Next we decide we have been here for long enough and we are all hungry. We slip off from the bar and walk through the streets of China town. Ryan is giving crap to some Amish people, Mik has the camcorder held up in the air and everyone is just generally having a good laugh. We stop off at the only restaurant that doesn’t have those Peaking Ducks or Children hanging in the window and take a seat.

I am Jack, ripped off.

We end up paying $15 for a coffee saucer of food and 3 grains of rice, what bullshit. Evidently we are too drunk to care, so we pay the bill and decide to go back to James’ house.

“Hey man, wanna stop for just one more?” Mik asks me.
I look at the bar we were at before and smile. “For sure!”

We go in and sit down while almost everyone walks off. We don’t stick around very long, just long enough to laugh at some people doing Karaoke and spy some chick trying to flash me – totally gross. We head out, purchase more beer – another two cases – and carry it back to James’ play, almost dying in the process.

The rest of Saturday night is a bit of a blur. By the end of the day we had drank about 4 cases of beer and about 10 pints each, so all in all I think I can be forgiven for not remembering. Mik and I bought some awesome pizza and the obligatory Drunken Kebab and my next clear memory is waking up hungover – even though much more happened.

Quote of the night:
Ryan falls over and I pick him up. He is hanging off of my shoulder, close to falling over again.
“Is he that pissed?!”
“No,” he’s holding me up, I lie.
“Oh, okay…”

Day 3 – Sunday

As I said; world of hurt! I am pretty hungover and the boys have started drinking again. We watch a little bit of this show about fast animals, have a laugh and before long we decide to make our way home. Today was the most boring of the days, a few quiet beers, a great meal at the Marlborough Hotel in Newtown (the hugest “finger food” platter to exist) and a bit of hail on the road.

The drive was awesome, we traded so many stories and had so many laughs. I told the guys all my crazy University stories and they told me all the stories they’ve accumulated through school and through touring with the band. It was by far one of the best trips I have had apart from when I killed Mik’s knee – hahaha.

We stopped at a service station (I don’t know where) to give Liam a break from driving and to get something to eat. Mik jumped out of the car and was about to run to the toilet, but unfortunately I opened my door at the wrong time and he ran clear into it. Boy was it ugly, poor fell. I am pretty sure that his knee is still sore.

Apart from spending 2 or 3 days “coming down” from such a huge weekend, that is about it. Tonight I am going to head over to the Lik-Wid studio and have a few laughs while they record more of Liam’s vocals. Should be a good night.

w00t weekends, Volume 1 – Part 1

Wow, what a weekend. It’s 11:11 at night and I am just so hungover it’s not funny, but it’s a good hungover and not a bad hungover. It’s like “wow, we serious had such a good time” kinda feeling for it. I guess the old saying goes that for every moment of pleasure there is an equal moment of pain (or some crap like that).

I’ll try and go though each day and sum it up as best I can. Hopefully the boys will leave a few comments if I get any of the details wrong or forget an important part of the story. It’s actually occuring to me that for the 72 hours we were away, a good 65 of them are a little blurry – so bare with me. Also, some of the events are pretty outrageous, but I am sure the boys will vouch for their truth.

Day 1 – Friday
I pretty much spent biggest part of the day bored doing housework, packing clothes, burning CD’s, and fetching beer and various other goods for the trip. At about 4:30 I hear a car and my brother yells out to me, “hey Mitch, the fellas are here!”

w00t, I am Jack’s raging excitement!

I throw my laptop and the other things I am taking and throw it all into my bag and pick up the beer that is in my fridge – half a case of Empire left over from a previous incedent – and meet the guys in the hallway.

I am Jack’s unbelievable, uncontainable joy.

I shake hands with Mik and Lom – a mutual sign of love and respect, these guys are just awesome – I pass the beer to Mik and notice the excitement on his face as we make our way to Lom’s car. I say goodbye to everyone – and kiss my mummy like a good boy – get into the car and crack open a beer.

I am Jack’s thirst – quenched.

Next stop: pick up Ryan. Ryan only lives a few kilometers from my place, but Mik and I manage to drink 2 beers each before we get there – an early sign that this weekend is going to be one of alcohol and unlimited wonder. After we get to Ryans and pick him up we just start driving to Sydney. Ryan is feeling sick and decides not to drink – he lasted a good 25 minutes, huge effort actually. We’re drinking fast and Mik pulls his laptop out and we watch some Family Guy. Before any of us realize we are out of beer and we stop in Oranga. Mik pays some ridiculous price for the beer ,$45 (it’s normally about $30) but no one really minds – we have beer again!

I am Jack’s state of euphoria.

Due to the quality of the Family Guy episodes and the amount of beer we’re drinking, we arrive in Sydney in what feels like only a few minutes. It was seriously one of the quickest 460km of my life. We arrive at James’ house around 10 or 11 o’clock and purchase some more beer – 2 more cases, which dissapear rapidly. I don’t really remember a whole lot about Friday night, but it was fun, we spent it chilling out at James’ house, drinking beers and just having a really good time.

Day 2 – Saturday

I wake up on Saturday morning feeling pretty awful. We drank about half a case each (apparently I drank a little more, because there were a lot of bottles at my feet the next morning) before we even arrived between Mik, Ryan and myself and we manage to put away almost another 2 cases before the end of the night, between 5 of us. Average that out and it’s almost a case each, in other words; a butt load of beer.

I am Jack’s broken body.

Mik and James go and get more beer – another 2 cases – and some stuff for breakfast, and James makes us the best meal of bacon, sausages and eggs and we are all suddenly feeling better. I feel the energy coming back to my body and I feel like drinking with my friends again and just having some more laughs – Mik, Ryan, Liam and James have been drinking since 8am to get over their hangovers.

“Oi Mitch, want a beer yet man,” Ryan asks as he cracks open what is probably his 6th beer.
“Nah man, not yet, still feeling seedy,” I say stroking my stomach. “I am in a state worse than Tasmania bro.” The guys laugh, but I feel more like I want to die. I know that if I just drank I’d probably begin to feel better, but better judgment stopped me from doing it.

Ryan, Liam and myself are sitting out the front as a guy with a Fox Terrier approaches. We laugh, because we all know that Ryan is going to say something and be a smart ass – he always does – and brace for it’s impact. Here is the conversation, and for obvious reasons after you read the conversation, I have titled the unknown gentleman as “Mobster”.

Ryan: Hey man, what kind of dog is that?
Mobster: It’s a Fox Terrier cross. It hates cops man!
We all laugh because that is such a random comment, but it gets better.
Ryan: Yeah, does it?
Mobster: Yeah, it bites their ankles. Fucking hates them!
Ryan: Mad ankle biter hey?
We laugh again – nervously.
Mobster: Yeah, when I used to work on the “black market” all the other guys had German Sheppards, but I had these. Their smart you know?
Ryan: Are they, man?
Mobster: Yeah, my other dog is the smartest. I had him trained so that if the cops came, I’d give him my pistol and he’d take it out and throw it down the drain. Smart dogs.
We laugh, but a lot quieter this time, he is clearly a little unstable. He walks off after a few comments and we burst out laughing so loud. Absolutely so hilarious.

At around 2 o’clock, after playing a whole ton of Gran Turismo 3 with James and feeling awful, we decide to go into the city. James lives close to the city, so we walk in and have some adventures along the way. We cross a dirty old vagrant bag lady who threatens us with her crutches, walk through the center of Broadway with beers in our hands and just laugh the whole way there.

We checked out some markets and some food, but we quickly bore and end up at the best bar in the universe. This bar is the most comfortable bar ever – it’s in the middle of Chinatown and apart from one barmen, the guys working there rule and totally love us to death, we are so loud the whole time and they think it is awesome.

We order a few rounds of pints (HUGE beers, 568 ml to be exact) and we put them away quit quickly. I begin to start feeling better and have a great time joining in on all the fun around me. Some people are sitting near us and they are looking at us quite dubiously. We’re a bunch of crazy guys, blind out of our trees and being so loud it’s not funny. Their sun starts smiling at us and we give him some Lik-Wid stickers and he puts one across his shirt.

“Hey man, check this out!” James yells, a moment before he hits my glass with his own. It shatters into about 3 pieces, but not so much that I can’t still drink out of it. I laugh and take a small sip and everyone around us gives us the ‘look at those hoodlums’ look, but we’re used to it by now.

“Hey, hand me that glass,” says the barman.
“Can I finish it?”
“Nah, don’t, I’ll get you another one on the house!”

I thought we were going to be kicked out, but instead he fetches me a free beer. Sure we’ve put a few hundred dollars into the bar already, but we are pretty blind and we’re beginning to break shit. He returns with my beer and a football for our new friend, Cain the 9 year old. His MILF mum smiles at us, a pretty cute smile in fact and we all joke about it afterwards.

Right now I am just feeling great. We’re in a good pub, we’re being treated really good by everyone and they just seem to love us, the bar staff are coming every few minutes to make sure we have a great time and it just ends up being a blast.

I am Jack, renewed.

[ Okay, well it’s now almost midnight. I am a little cranky and very sick so I think I will go to bed. This story is also becoming a little boring and “this happened, then this happened” so I will try and finish it off with a bit more interest and enthusiasm in the morning. ]

w00t weekends!

Me and The Boys are going to Sydney this weekend and I really can’t wait. I totally need to get away from this place, just relax and let off some steam. No, “let off” is too gentle, I am going to blow steam like a stack, I am gonna go off and totally feel great when I get back. Tonight I went over to the studio and hung out, it felt good to get out and I feel better for it already – a good indication that this weekend is going to be most excellent.

Work has been good and I’ve made some of that proverbial “phat cash”… Even if it will only last me until the end of the weekend… Rawk! m/

Distractions this week have included: Work, writing, headaches – they are killing me.

Where is Mr. Aardvark?

I am really falling back in the make-mental-notes-and-blog-everything swing of things, which feels really good after about a month of so of being very sporadic. My weblog is honestly a huge part of my life and I really hate to think of what I’d be like without it. It’s a part of who I am and I am glad that I am back into writing more frequently.

I am considering re-integrating the weblog back to the main page at www. instead of weblog., because I seem to be getting around a thousand hits a month to the main page, but only about 60% of those hits are coming the extra click to the weblog, which is the main feature.

For about the last 2 months I have had a story rolling around in my mind. Characters have developed, conflicts and resolutions have came to and on Saturday morning I decided that I’d done enough planning and I would start writing. Within the first hour I had written a pretty good introduction that was a few thousand words and probably worthy of a chapter. I am just going to take my time over the next month or so and just work on good writing style and getting everything right, then I might consider either releasing it online or getting people to proof-read and check it a little.

Well it’s nearly 1 am and the eyelids are heavy. I gotta haul my sorry ass to bed soon, so until next time, keep drinking that piemonade and be good to your mother.

Lonely Me

I just sat down with a bowl of Mac and Cheese and a cup of coffee after A Night Out With The Boysâ„¢. Actually, it was more of a night in, we just had a few beers and listened to music and spoke about conspiracy theories. When I sat down I totally just wanted to take the time and speak a little about the website.

I’ve really taken the time and care lately to go back and debug everything that was wrong with the website. Skins now all comply to guidelines of readability and accessibility. The entire site is now both XHTML and CSS 2 compliant. The website also has an increased traffic of up to 50 unique users to this site every week, but unfortunately still no more comments than I have ever had.

People, if you have taken the time to click the link and view my website, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it and what you thought of what I had to say. Nothing makes me happier than finding a comment from someone who doesn’t usually comment, even if it just tells me that I stink and I should be booed off the Internet.

I guess leaving a comment may seem difficult, so I will spend a few minutes explaining how to do it both the easy way (not so good) and the hard way (much better).

The easy way
1. Look to the end of the entry and it will say something like “Comments (0)”.
2. Click this link and you will be directed to another page which has the same entry as well as the form to make a comment on the entry.
3. Fill out the form, being mindful that you only need a name and an email address (which you should definitely have by now).
4. Submit the form and wait approximately 6 (a maximum of 12) hours until your comment is then published on my website. If you do not wish to wait for your comment to be published, please see the hard way.

The hard way
1. This harder way is harder, however allows for easier commenting on my website. First thin you need to do is load up the Typekey website and click the “Log in to manage your Profile” link.
2. Next, because you assumably do not have a login yet, click on the link that says “Register now ” or simply click here.
3. Simply fill out the form you are faced with and click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom, being careful to enter the correct security code.
4. You now have a login username and password to use when commenting. Return back to my website and follow steps 1 and 2 of the easy way.
5. After you have made it to the comments page, simply click the link that says “sign in” just above the form for commenting.
6. Enter your Typekey username and password that you created in steps 1 through 3 and submit the form.
7. Now you are free to comment. Your comment will instantly be displayed on the website without worry or hassles and all constructive comments will not be deleted. You will be able to use this same Typekey login on various other Movabletype weblogs as well.

I hope this has made commenting seem less daunting and I honestly hope to see a few more active commenter’s on this website. Until next time, keep rockin! m/


I downloaded some pretty StyleXP themes today and gave them a running through. The one I am using now is called Sublime and despite using the ugliest green and yellow combination, it looks awesome. Inspiration took over and I designed a new skin accordingly.

I’d love some feedback on the skin and I’d also like any feedback on the speed of the skins and the website. While technically the images only load for the selected skin, it still means there are over 40 objects to download (CSS + Images) so that can create some lag. If anyone is having major troubles, let me know what they are.

Bark for me dogboy!

About two weeks ago I spoke to my friend about Michael Moore. He swore black and blue that Michael Moore’s writing would save the world some day and hailed many of his books as a gospel. Unfortunately, the conversation went down hill when I asked if they knew who Jason Clarke (author of “Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man”) or David Hardy (owner and operator of Moore Exposed). In fact, the conversation went as follows:

Friend: Dude, have you read Stupid White Men?
Me: Nah, sorry, not yet, but it’s on my to-do list.
Friend: Man, he is the best author ever, he knows everything!
Me: Cool, you read any of the websites or books that are anti-Moore?
Friend: No, why should I?
Me: Because unless you get all the facts, you are basically letting Michael Moore make your mind up for you.
Friend: What do you mean?
Me: Well moron… Well, the fact is, Michael Moore is well-known for manipulating facts to his own story. Sure you might agree with what he says, but until you’ve seen evidence against his points-of-view you are naively believing the propaganda he shovels you.
Friend: Well, errrr, he still rocks! Hard!
Me: Maybe you should read Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man or check out Moore Exposed on the internet before you begin humping his leg.
Friend: Who are they?
Me: Okay, I think my point is proven.

I walked away in disbelief. While after I saw Bowling For Columbine I was deeply moved and believed everything the tape said, after a week of casual chats and google searches, while I still agreed with him, I started to see a lot of facts he left out. I don’t really want to go into it too deeply, but I just think that anyone who takes on board what he says, should also question everything they hear from him. I think much of what he says is gold, but I do know that he is very unlikely to site down and put forward facts that would turn his readers/viewers against his point-of-view.

Bad weekend

Bad weekend. Party/parties/everything did not go as I had hoped. Taking some time off from everything and I don’t know when I’ll be back. All other projects will be maintained, but the weblog will be on hold until further notice. Use the “contact me” page if you wish to be notified when the weblog is active again.

Weblog last updated 1 days ago – counter stopped, please see entry: “Bad weekend (continued)