Where is Mr. Aardvark?

I am really falling back in the make-mental-notes-and-blog-everything swing of things, which feels really good after about a month of so of being very sporadic. My weblog is honestly a huge part of my life and I really hate to think of what I’d be like without it. It’s a part of who I am and I am glad that I am back into writing more frequently.

I am considering re-integrating the weblog back to the main page at www. instead of weblog., because I seem to be getting around a thousand hits a month to the main page, but only about 60% of those hits are coming the extra click to the weblog, which is the main feature.

For about the last 2 months I have had a story rolling around in my mind. Characters have developed, conflicts and resolutions have came to and on Saturday morning I decided that I’d done enough planning and I would start writing. Within the first hour I had written a pretty good introduction that was a few thousand words and probably worthy of a chapter. I am just going to take my time over the next month or so and just work on good writing style and getting everything right, then I might consider either releasing it online or getting people to proof-read and check it a little.

Well it’s nearly 1 am and the eyelids are heavy. I gotta haul my sorry ass to bed soon, so until next time, keep drinking that piemonade and be good to your mother.