w00t weekends, Volume 1 – Part 2

All stories must end, thus I sit here and write the end of the weekend story. Sorry to all my devoted fans that it has taken so long. Hahahaha

Right now I am just feeling great. We’re in a good pub, we’re being treated really good by everyone and they just seem to love us, the bar staff are coming every few minutes to make sure we have a great time and it just ends up being a blast.

I am Jack, renewed.

Usually when The Boys go out, we have to deal with so much shit. Dubbo is such a redneck place and any “pretty boys” or guys who look different (i.e. Not wearing Wrangler jeans and don’t have their collars up) deserves to be bashed. We constantly put up with shit, so right now we are enjoying a minimal amount of attention and just having a blast.

I am Jack, relaxed.

Next we decide we have been here for long enough and we are all hungry. We slip off from the bar and walk through the streets of China town. Ryan is giving crap to some Amish people, Mik has the camcorder held up in the air and everyone is just generally having a good laugh. We stop off at the only restaurant that doesn’t have those Peaking Ducks or Children hanging in the window and take a seat.

I am Jack, ripped off.

We end up paying $15 for a coffee saucer of food and 3 grains of rice, what bullshit. Evidently we are too drunk to care, so we pay the bill and decide to go back to James’ house.

“Hey man, wanna stop for just one more?” Mik asks me.
I look at the bar we were at before and smile. “For sure!”

We go in and sit down while almost everyone walks off. We don’t stick around very long, just long enough to laugh at some people doing Karaoke and spy some chick trying to flash me – totally gross. We head out, purchase more beer – another two cases – and carry it back to James’ play, almost dying in the process.

The rest of Saturday night is a bit of a blur. By the end of the day we had drank about 4 cases of beer and about 10 pints each, so all in all I think I can be forgiven for not remembering. Mik and I bought some awesome pizza and the obligatory Drunken Kebab and my next clear memory is waking up hungover – even though much more happened.

Quote of the night:
Ryan falls over and I pick him up. He is hanging off of my shoulder, close to falling over again.
“Is he that pissed?!”
“No,” he’s holding me up, I lie.
“Oh, okay…”

Day 3 – Sunday

As I said; world of hurt! I am pretty hungover and the boys have started drinking again. We watch a little bit of this show about fast animals, have a laugh and before long we decide to make our way home. Today was the most boring of the days, a few quiet beers, a great meal at the Marlborough Hotel in Newtown (the hugest “finger food” platter to exist) and a bit of hail on the road.

The drive was awesome, we traded so many stories and had so many laughs. I told the guys all my crazy University stories and they told me all the stories they’ve accumulated through school and through touring with the band. It was by far one of the best trips I have had apart from when I killed Mik’s knee – hahaha.

We stopped at a service station (I don’t know where) to give Liam a break from driving and to get something to eat. Mik jumped out of the car and was about to run to the toilet, but unfortunately I opened my door at the wrong time and he ran clear into it. Boy was it ugly, poor fell. I am pretty sure that his knee is still sore.

Apart from spending 2 or 3 days “coming down” from such a huge weekend, that is about it. Tonight I am going to head over to the Lik-Wid studio and have a few laughs while they record more of Liam’s vocals. Should be a good night.