Taking Over Me

I believe in you,
I’ll give up everything just to find you,
I have to be with you, to live, to breathe,
You’re taking over me.

Since my last post nothing much has really happened. There has been some major developments in my life, but none of which I am prepared to talk about at this time on my weblog. Life couldn’t be better though, I’ve been really happy and just spending lots of time with friends.

I am currently applying for various jobs and hopefully some more work will come my way. I still want to do freelance work, but I think if I stagnate in it for too long my lack of actual employment will begin to count against me. I really want to work in Dubbo, to stay close to my friends, but I also realize that I may have to move to Sydney to get a decent IT job, so I have applied there too.

This entry is short and sweet. Not enough (that I wish to write here anyway) has happened that I can report. I’ll be away for the October long-weekend and going deep sea fishing with my family, should be a good bit of fun. I am going to do some writing while I am gone and hopefully will be able to keep the weblog updated, even if I have to resort to keeping an offline version and posting it all when I get back.