57 score weeks and 3 days ago

Yes, it has been that long since I was born, 1148 weeks almost, but one hell of a long time and an even better trip. What better way to celebrate your 22nd Birthday than with 2 parties over 2 nights with 2 kegs though, seriously? There isn’t a better way so if you were thinking “well you could…” you are just wrong, so how about you just piss off and shut the hell up?! Hahaha…

Well it’s 9:30 in the AM and I have just finished my first coffee. Feeling a little hypo and excited about tonight, but most of all just anxious to get some friends together. I haven’t spent much time with the boys this week, so it will feel good to relax and have a few beers with them tonight and tomorrow night of course.

Last night I had the chance to speak to some close friends of mine from University. My brother is about to make his University selections and he wants to study science, so we spoke to some friends of mine who science degrees so that he could get some advice as to what he should do. Man, it was so great to catch up with some of my friends and it inspired me so much that I made a set of forums for them all to keep in touch (URL later) which should hopefully keep our friends a little closer together.

I also got an email from one of my very special friends from College, Anna, this morning and it was so great to hear from her that I wrote a novel in my reply. Anna is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I honestly doubt that she could ever hate anyone. She is just such a beautiful person and I only hope that the world could be half as nice and sweet as she is – I miss her.

Well, it’s time for me to kick off the day. I’ve got to pick kegs up, tidy the back yard, set up for Ryan’s DJ’ing equipment, clean out the back room so we have a toilet to vomit in use, pick up food so we can eat, and various other junk that needs to be done before a party can go ahead.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I rate this entry: Random.

Grokking who I am

One of the biggest challenges I have had in life is categorizing who I am as a person. While I don’t particularly think everyone needs a “label” I do think that people need to know who they are. When I was growing up through high school, I struggled profoundly with my own sense of identity. I think everyone struggles with this, but it’s something I didn’t truly put behind me until the last 12 months. I went through phases of being a jock, a musician, and various other things, but the one thing that stayed with me all that time was my geek side. I’ve always loved computers and things that I guess are off center and I think that being a geek sums me up very well.

Every day I find that I am learning more and more about myself. Things I think I know about myself go out the window and are replaced by the real me. I find that who I am every day can change, because I understand my thoughts and feelings even more than I did before.

I think sometimes when I realize some of the changes it scares me. Realizing that things I cared about so much not very long ago now mean nothing to me can be a little scary. Realizing that friends who meant the world to me years ago barely even touch my thoughts on a daily basis shocks me. I guess moving like this through life happens to everyone, but making yourself realize it is another thing.

I think I am finding this really hard to put into words, so I will work on this some other time. Thanks for tuning into my rant. 🙂

Poker Machine Tax

I am sure by now that every Australian knows about the ruck a bunch of geriatrics are putting up about the Poker Machine Tax and how bad it is. There is an entire website dedicated to exposing “the real facts” about the tax. These assholes want us to believe that the tax is bad because of reasons like job loss and other crap like that. I think not. I don’t care what their study says, they clearly underestimate the stupidity of humans if they think people will stop using Poker Machines because they cost a little more. Not to mention if people did stop using them it would probably so a lot more good than harm – perhaps pubs and clubs would be forced to make money without exploiting peoples gambling.

Personally I think that we should tax the losers who throw their cash into these machines and spend the money on education and other worthwhile causes. Maybe we could even give the money back to the people it was taken from by improving the aged health system or creating an all new “wankers anonymous” for losers with nothing better to do than waste money on the “Pokies!”

The fact of the matter is that Poker Machines are designed for one purpose: to take money from people. One of my friends had an uncle who wrote various programs for Poker Machines that tested their operating efficiency and other crap like that. He told me that the most popular Poker Machines have less than a 1 in 4 million chance of winning the jackpot and some have around 1 in 10 million chance. Obviously these are unofficial and I could get in trouble for this, so don’t go quoting me.

Just remember: People are stupid and there will always be a call for wasting money, ruining healthy bodies and various other stupid things in this world. A little bit of tax won’t change much, people still spend about $15 for a packet of cigarettes every other day.