The Weekend Review

Wow, I really had no time/energy to write after Friday night, and thus, I make this a belated wrap-up if the weekends events. Saturday ended up being rather boring, spending most of the day shopping. I did manage to buy some cool (read: cheap) shirts and spy on some hotties, so that almost saved it, but the entire mall sold almost nothing else bar girls clothing and furniture.

Sunday was an entirely different story. I have totally become that stereo type guy in the personals columns who “likes computers and water sports” and discovered a love for wakeboarding. Man, who would have known that strapping some fiberglass to your feet and skimming across some water could be so much fun?

Today, Monday, was all driving and quite boring. I went and saw Rob and Ryan after I got home and got some Noodles with them and just chilled out for a bit. My body is currently aching quite bad and so is my head, so I am gonna get some sleep.

Wow, quick rap up. I will try and do some more writing soon. 🙂