Lik-Wid dot NET

I have been given the honor and privilege of working with the Lik-Wid (I won’t link it again, you know who they are) crew on their upcoming redesign of their site. For months they have struggled with hard coding their updates and I am glad to help them by installing a full customized version of Movabletype. The band has so much going on and without an easy way to post their news and events, it becomes almost impossible to keep their fans up to date.

Right now I am about 25% of the way through a design. Soon I will be designing a cleaner gallery, tidying their forums, and just giving the site an all-round makeover. The biggest changes coming are making the site XHTML and CSS compliant and fully cross-browser functional, but still keeping the awesome look that Liam gave the website so many months ago.

They guys are heavily into mixing their songs (yes, recording is beginning to wind down slowly) and Ryan is putting the icing on the cake with his wicked fast fingers (oooh, doesn’t that sound sexy?). While there isn’t a great deal of news, I will be doing my best on keeping the site up to date for them in the coming months and we are even looking at the possibility of me travelling on the road with them and taking care of photography, helping back stage and all around keeping their website up-to-date.

Well, the guys are probably at the studio right now drinking the beer I bought last night, so I think I will go join them. If there is anything that I have learned from these guys (apart from how expendable livers are) it’s that dreams really are attainable – never give up on your dreams kids and make it all happen!