The Big Day

Well in about 1 hour and 3 minutes I will be sitting with some business analysts and discussing the feasibility of a web design and print business in the Dubbo area. While I wouldn’t be marketing it only to Dubbo, this area is in desperate need of a web design studio and print costs are way overpriced and it would be an easy market to break.

I think I am pretty realistic in saying that I do have doubts about whether it will happen. Finding start up capital will not be easy and it’s already been said that if I am not receiving government assistance I will find it hard to locate any grants or government assistance. It’s silly in a way, their message seems clear; “unless you already have your hand out, we won’t help you” which makes little sense to me.

I am almost out the door to go locate the building it in because I have never been there before, so if you happen to read this, send some mojo my way and wish me luck. I’ll write an update when I get home about how things went.