As Mik’s car drives into the distance I freeze on the driveway for a moment and recollect the night. It was a fun night, I watched the 4 active members of Lik-Wid really have some fun and create some ideas, along with Ryan laying down some awesome tracks with his decks. At one stage, Ryan hit something so nice that myself, Mik and Dessy all jumped up in excitement and almost hollered out – it was just that good. Even now as I swallow the last mouthful of the beer I left with, I feel like I am kissing goodbye to a great night and forever storing an awesome memory.

The song the guys were working on was a song about losing friends who you thought you would never lose and about growing up from where you were in high school. I think back to the friends I (somewhat) had in high school and I miss those times, year 10 was the greatest year of my life and I doubt anything will ever tarnish those memories – swimming at the river with Sheeny, Jeremy and Steve will always be something I will remember.

I guess now I have moved onto my 4th major set of friends, but maybe these guys are the closest. I very much feel like the new guy who is always trying to find some way of fitting in, but I also feel like I know these guys so well. I feel like all of us have gravitated towards each other because of the similarities we have, and the lives we have shared, but I also think our similar passions drive us in the same direction. Every one of my friends now have some sort of creative streak and I just think that creative people often find each other more interesting.

Well the point of this post was to wrap up an awesome night with some writing. I really feel awesome right now, I feel like I am ready to take on tomorrow (with a hangover).