Googol Mayle

What is the perfect companion for your hot new Gmail account? Well, GmailFS of course! GmailFS allows you to mount your Gmail account under linux like you would mount any other drive. Store, delete and even execute files at your discretion. And for all you Windows kids, there has been a recent release of Gmail Drive shell extension for you to download. I think that anyone who has a Gmail account could find these two fun!

The Cost of Democracy

Today was election day. Howard vs. Laytham in a showdown that was probably selected and not elected, but none the less I vote because, like most others, I just don’t want the $20 fine. While I was walking to the ballot I had several flyers thrown at me, all of which I refused – I don’t believe that my vote really counts for one and I also hate the fact that so many trees are destroyed just so some people can fight over who gets to sell our country piece by piece to the Americans.

Tonight while driving I saw the same school, littered with flyers. The election was announced hours ago and Howard (G-Dubble-Yas lap dog) was elected again for the fourth consecutive period. I remember as the winner was announced they gave a figure earlier in the day. I cannot be certain on the amounts, but the announcer said something to the effect of “…Latham has promised $15 Million to the environment” and “Howard has announced $4 Million to the environment…”

It’s funny how they will make these promises, yet I bet thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands or even millions) of trees are cut down just for their campaigns. The number of flyers, banners, posters, ballot papers, leaflets and other bullshit these people fob off to people is just stupid. Made even more ridiculous by the fact that, in my opinion, 80% of Australians probably don’t care who is in charge or are too uneducated to make a decent decision.

Linkin Park Theme

While watching “Linkin Park – Live in Texas” I got super inspired to make a theme based on my favorite band. A few hours later (and a few stolen graphics – I hope I don’t get in trouble) and the end result is published. I am pretty happy with it, it could be better, but I think I am just gonna fiddle with it for a few days until I get it to a stage I really like.

Hope the new theme is popular and I also hope that the themes aren’t getting out of hand (i.e. not too many). I may begin to cull a few out as I decide which I think are the best and most complete themes.

I’ve also gone back and reworked all the error pages so that they no longer display that ugly white thing. It all looks much nicer now and a lot more fluid with the theme system I am using.

On the brink of success

Last night I spent a few hours with the Lik-Wid crew and listened to some of their newer recordings. If you thought they were good before, then you haven’t even spotted the tip of the iceberg. Their new recordings are simply mind blowing and their album (due next year) will simply be awesome, I would recommend that anyone buy a copy just to listen to the pure talent amongst these guys.

After the launch of Lik-Wid’s album, there is a possibility that I will do some touring with them, maintaining an up-to-date website at all times and generally taking a lot of photos, I really hope this eventuates, because it would be so awesome to get out with these guys.

Sitting last night they played the first track they have mixed and I looked across at Liam’s dad John. He was sitting there smiling like such a proud father and I felt goosebumps flow up my arm as I realized what I was witnessing – the birth of a great album and the rebirth of a great band. There is so much success waiting for these guys, be sure to check out their website and download some of their tracks.

Mmmm Sushi

Wow, I just had the best Sushi for lunch, I think I may just have rekindled my hardcore sushi lust. Sushi is one of those “feel good” foods that tastes great, is good for you and just enhanced my mood. I love it.

Mmmm Sushi
Oooh, shiny new chopsticks!

Writing has been a nightmare lately and I have the worst case of writers block. My story isn’t going too far and finding something interesting to write in my weblog about is like pulling teeth. With any luck I will just take a few hours out of my day later and just sit and do some thinking about the week just past and hopefully write something interesting.

The Weekend Review

Wow, I really had no time/energy to write after Friday night, and thus, I make this a belated wrap-up if the weekends events. Saturday ended up being rather boring, spending most of the day shopping. I did manage to buy some cool (read: cheap) shirts and spy on some hotties, so that almost saved it, but the entire mall sold almost nothing else bar girls clothing and furniture.

Sunday was an entirely different story. I have totally become that stereo type guy in the personals columns who “likes computers and water sports” and discovered a love for wakeboarding. Man, who would have known that strapping some fiberglass to your feet and skimming across some water could be so much fun?

Today, Monday, was all driving and quite boring. I went and saw Rob and Ryan after I got home and got some Noodles with them and just chilled out for a bit. My body is currently aching quite bad and so is my head, so I am gonna get some sleep.

Wow, quick rap up. I will try and do some more writing soon. 🙂

Storm Front

This morning I woke up to some of the loudest rain I have heard in years. Since our area is in the middle of a 2-year drought, it was weird to hear the rain pounding on my roof like that. A thunder clap went off so loud that our entire house shook and mum felt that she needed to ask me if I was okay. Was quite amusing, considering it was only bit of thunder.

We spent the whole day driving in the rain and being lost. Dad reassured is no less than 20 times that he was pretty sure he knew where he was going, but had to ask for directions more than twice as many times. This was a typical conversation.

“Yeah, okay, got ya, first right.”
“Third left, okay.”
“Through the round-about. Yep.”
“4th right. Okay.”

*drive 200m*

“Shit, we’re lost again.”

Maybe the roads were changing as we moved or something, but it was quite amusing that we had such difficulty. I decided to take the map and as soon as I actually worked out where I was we got here in less than five minutes.

The fishing has been canceled and I have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow now. I’d like to do a bit of wakeboarding or something, but the weather will probably have a few words to say about that. So I’ll probably spend quite a bit of time writing, photography and other stuff that I could have done at home, but at least the view is nice.

A friend bought me a prepaid Internet kit so perhaps I will get online and post this later tonight or tomorrow. I feel a bit rude spending time on my computer while I am here, but my weblog and writing are both very important to me. I don’t think anyone really knows how much either mean to me in all honesty.