It’s an addiction!

When you finish reading this post, take an effort to look at what time I posted at. I’ll keep it suspenseful for everyone and just say it was late! Halo 2 is now overdue to be returned to the video store, but I just couldn’t part with it. “I’ll return it tomorrow mom, I promise!” I’ve been playing all day and I am now on a really hard level that seems to require a lot of patience, which is never good for me. The damned Covenant keep pwn1ng me every time and I am in a damned tank, you think I’d be cooler than that. I think maybe I need some rest (or caffeine… hmmm) and I will try again tomorrow at purging the planet of Covenant scum!

So yes, Halo 2 has become an addiction. I also have another addiction that will be getting increased 10 fold soon. I really love lollies (or candy for all you seppos) and I have arranged with two of my online friends (one from Sweden and another from Finland) to do a”candy exchange.” I’ll send them some Australian candy (and some Vegemite of course) and they’ll return the favor and send me some of their native candy back too. How much does that rule? This is what I have decided to send so far:

  • Vegemite (with explicit instructions on how to use it – it isn’t peanut butter!)
  • Redskins
  • Crystallized Ginger
  • Milkos
  • Unfortunately I can’t send drugs, so keep your crack pip under the bed for next time kids!

I figure I can send anything that won’t melt or shift shape too much to ruin it for the recipient. Any Australians who read this should give any suggestions of true Aussie candy for me to send in a comment to this post please, I really wanna show these cool cats a little piece of Australia. Anyone who hails from another country and wants to do a kick-ass exchange with me, let me know – just make sure I know who you are, I don’t want anthrax or a big “fuck you” arriving after I fork out the bucks to send you some shit.