Xbox Prayer

When I first heard that Microsoft were making a gaming station I scoffed and swore I would never buy it. “Don’t feed the Microsoft empire dude, buy a console that isn’t run by a bunch of asshole profiteers!”

I warned everyone I knew against it, but the truth is it took just one game of Halo before I was saving my $500 – yes I bought it approximately 2 weeks after it was released and it was still expensive as hell – for my very own Xbox console. It is in recognition of this awesome gaming platform, and the release of the greatest game on earth; Halo 2, that I ask you all to say this short prayer tonight:

Dear Xbox,
Thou art made in heaven,
Modded be thy games,
We shalt play in lounge room,
So we may one day to play in gaming heaven,
Give us this day our daily rush,
And forgive us for playing Playstation,
As we almost forgive those who play Dreamcast,
Lead us not into cross fire,
But deliver us from the undead,
For Halo 2 is thy power,
Forever and ever.