Thy Brother

Some of the people who read my weblog will know me enough to have met my brother. A few of those people will even know me well enough to know just how much love and respect I have for him. Josh is, and always will be, my favorite person on this earth. He is just a fantastic guy and I doubt he will ever know just how much I admire and respect him. He is far more responsible than I am (even though he gets into trouble occasionally), and far better of a person than I could even hope to be.

He recently finished strong in his Higher School Certificate and he is awaiting his marks to get back to find out about his University options. On top of applying for University, he has also started a traineeship with his girlfriends fathers company in pest control and management, which goes even further to show just how responsible he is and how goal-focused he is. He finished his first day of work today and came home looking quite good considering he had been up since 5am and I just realized that he is really becoming an adult.

Josh and I have had our fair share of fights over the years, but since I left high school we have just become really close friends. We hang out occasionally and he often comes to the studio with the boys and I for a few games of Xbox and a drink if he isn’t driving. We often have conversations that can last a while and debates that last even longer, and he truly has a keen mind which is something I always respect.

Here is a photo of Josh, Sarah (his girlfriend) and I, taken recently before his school formal. I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion, because I didn’t go, but the photo still makes me smile when I see it. Very typical of Josh and I, Mr. Responsible standing next to Mr. Joke-Around. That isn’t to say that Josh is some kind of robot who never has fun, he is just a bit better than me at selecting the appropriate times (most of the time).

(L to R) Sarah, Josh and Mitch