“Set course for ramming speed!”

I mentioned last night in my blog that I bought a CD yesterday titled “Collision Course” by Linkin Park and Jay-Z. I didn’t say a great deal about it, because I wanted to take the time and give this album a fully-fledged review. As I did say, I don’t often spend much money on music lately, but this is one album I was always going to make an exception for.

The other day at Ryan’s house, after he owned me at Halo 2 three games in a row, we flipped over to the [V] channel to watch a few clips and poke fun at James Matheson. The first clip that came on was called “Numb/Encore” by Jay-Z and Linkin Park and both of us were saying that it was one of the finest collaboration efforts we have ever seen. This song fully encapsulates why I think more bands need to get together and collaborate on tracks by bringing and even stronger Hip-Hop influence to an already influenced band. Jay-Z’s smooth raps over the top of Chester Bennington’s harmonies just sound so wonderful.

That afternoon I was singing the tag line of the song “so for one last time I need y’all to roar” for the biggest part of the afternoon. Josh asked me what the hell I was singing and I explained the collaboration to him. “Yeah, they are releasing an album together,” he replied excitedly. I didn’t give it much of a thought, expecting it not to be out in months and forgot about it until Monday morning. When I checked the Linkin Park Website on Monday morning I noticed a link to LPJZ dot COM. I clicked and saw that the international release date was…. “TODAY?”

The rest of the story writes itself. Within about an hour of seeing the album was being released I had it in my hands, the CD was quickly converting to MP3 and the DVD was playing loudly over my surround system. I can honestly say that for only 6 tracks, it was the best $30 I have spent in a long time and each of the tracks pleased me so much. The full track listing is as follows:

  1. Dirt Off Your Shoulders / Lying From You
  2. Big Pimpin’ / Papercut
  3. Jigga What / Faint
  4. Numb / Encore
  5. Izzo / In The End
  6. Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer

As you can see, each track consists of one or more Linkin Park songs, one Jay-Z song, each fused into one beautiful track. I would have to rate my favorite track as “Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer” but every one of the tracks rule and I recommend to any fan of either artist to go and get this CD. The DVD follows the week of it’s creation, 4 days of studio time where they recorded the record (I believe this is also a record-breaking time) and the 3 days of rehearsals and performance.

Linkin Park, after the creation of the album, took a poll amongst their fans to see what other music they listened to. Any of their fans who replied saying they liked “Jay-Z” earned themselves an invite to the concert, a very small show played at the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, CA. A mean concert to say the least, I wish to god I lived in the US so I could have attended, it was an awesome show.

Jay-Z vs Linkin Park: Collision Course