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Wow, what a weekend I have had. Friday night ended up being an awesome night; we went to a birthday party (her name was Keira and I didn’t know her before the night – I was kinda gate crashing – but we met later and she was really cool) and out to the only nightclub in town and we all had an awesome time. Everyone was out for a change, which totally rocked, it was good to be with all of the guys at once. The only people who weren’t out was Mik, who is on holidays with his lovely lady, and Liam. Apart from those missing pieces, it was a fantastic night.

Saturday was a pretty fun day, Ryan came around in around one and we had some lunch and played some Halo. It’s funny, I’ve played so much Halo lately that last night I had a dream about it. It was actually a combination of Halo and Generals, but man was it one heck of a dream. Sorry, I’m on a tangent. So Saturday we played some Halo, then went over to the studio for Pizza, beer and a few movies (yes, the Ghostbuster movies were on and we watched them both, so lame).

Yesterday was a super quiet day. I just caught up on a lot of reading and didn’t do much until later in the night when I went to the studio and played some Manhunt and listened to some tunes with Luke and Ryan. Totally relaxing evening and a great way to end an awesome weekend. As I was going to bed I came up with some ideas for some photos and took some notes before I forgot.

Today I woke up late and jumped straight from bed into some clothes and walked down stairs in a rush of excitement. Josh was out the back hanging out some washing and I asked him if he wanted to model for me in some photos. “Uh, sure, but… What do you want me to do?” I told him to get dressed in his darker clothing and do his hair and we would go out and do some “emo” shots and just have some fun. It was an awesome afternoon and 82 snaps later (plus 10 or so on film) I ended up starting a stock album. I will be reviewing the photos over the next few days and the good ones will end up on my deviantART account. I’d love to get some feedback on which shots people like, so feel free to go through the entire shoot and give some feedback by commenting on this entry.

I’d just like to say to anyone who enjoys the photos, only half of the work done there is me, the other half is the natural talent of my brother to bring across what I was looking for. He is a good looking kid and he has a real talent in front of the camera. And, yes, I realize that Josh is pulling some weird faces in some of them, it was a 35 degree C (95 degrees F) day, he was wearing black, blistering hot and the flies were annoying him. Please bare in mind that this is a straight shoot, no shots have been omitted.

Tonight I will probably take my laptop over to the studio and maybe play a few games with the guys. It’s been a while since I’ve honed my skills in any way and it’d be nice to get some practice before our LAN party that is in a week or two.

“Weekend? Is that you?”

Yes, it’s Friday and I am about 35 minutes away from clocking off and relaxing with some friends and some nice cold beers. I spent much of today cleaning the house and applying for jobs, but also redesigning my resume, which was long overdue for a touch up. I happen to think it’s looking rather spiffy now (especially when compared to the old one), don’t you?

Last night I was informed of a party (which I am not really invited to) which I will probably attend with Dessy and Ryan, and I am especially keen to actually try and have a good weekend without any hickups</whining>. I just wanna kick on till all hours of the night and have fun with my friends, let’s see if I can pull it off.

You may remember a post I did last year called “Hot girls make Mitch dumb”? Well it would seem that time has changed nothing. I have mojo, honestly I do, but it just seems that when a truly fetching young lady comes my way, I turn to mush and fold. Kinda funny when you think about it, but hey. I bring this up because it is rumored that a certain young beauty, who brought out dumb-Mitch – kinda like evil-Mitch, but dumb – last week, may just happen to be there tonight. Cross your fingers and hope I don’t do anything stupid.

On another terrific note, it would seem that a local car dealership is interested in having a web presence and I just might be able to find myself some work. Ryan told me about it earlier today and I think on Monday I will make the effort to visit the lot and speak to the owner about it. If you happen to think of it on Monday, send some positive mojo my way kiddies, I really need the money about now.

Mik is leaving this afternoon to Sydney, he is going down there to pic up his girl who happens to be from Canada. After a very long flight, she will arrive in Sydney tomorrow morning and I really hope everything goes terrificly for them both. They’ve been talking for quite some time now and I think they have gotten to know each other pretty well, I definitely think they can make it happen.

Well, I am well overdue to relax, so here goes nothing. I hope everyone who reads this (and the assholes who don’t) have a good weekend. I am gonna go see the boys and have a beer, cheers!


After a very late wake up I spent the morning catching up on some reading. Megatokyo has been screaming my name for at least a month now, so I finally sat down and caught up with the current story. After I caught up on the comic front I read some friends’ websites, caught up on WWdN and my other regular sites and just generally enjoyed my morning. What a wonderful peaceful start to a day.

After this I decided to check out some job search websites in the hopes of securing some employment, but alas, until I am willing to slaughter animals or drive trucks, I am just starting to think I won’t find work in Dubbo. There is nothing more depressing than being a smart and talented person and not being able to find a job. I know I could do damn near anything I put my mind to, but unfortunately there is only manual type labor available in this region and I am not exactly fit for it.

After an awful mid-afternoon I decided to cheer myself up with a sketch or two. I drew an awful average picture of Kimiko from Megatokyo, but in a fit of frustration (not at the drawing, but at life in general) I tore it from my art binder and crumpled it into a tiny ball. I sank it like a basketball from Jordan’s hands, hitting the bin from the perimeter and collecting 3 lovely points. I shouldn’t have thrown it out, but I did and I can’t undo it, unlucky.

So now as I sit here and sip my coke and watch the clock creep closer to midnight, I have a final thought for the day:


deviantART: dAmn Army

Anyone who has been to this site more than one time would know that I am a deviantART member, subscriber and strong supporter of the great community. About a week ago the dAmn Army was selected and I was named among it’s members by $jark. I am super honored to be selected to represent this community and I really look forward to working with the other admins to make deviantART a better community.

I can’t believe it’s been an entire week since I have posted and almost 2 weeks since I have posted anything of even remote interest. I really need to take some more time to sit down and do some writing, but everything just feels so crazy and out of sync at the moment.