My Wandering Mind

Tonight I had finished my days “things to do” and was showered, teeth brushed and ready for bed at 11:30. I was on my way to bed when a little light went on in my head. I like to call this light, “you ain’t sleeping tonight fucker,” because every time it comes on I can’t sleep. It comes in many forms, sometimes it’s too much caffeine, sometimes it’s inspiration for writing or music, or sometimes it’s just plain boredom or an overactive mind.

Tonight I just have so much going on in my head. Tomorrow I have to clean the house to have it spotless for when my family get back from their trip, as well as do a lot of online stuff before I go away for New Years. My writing has been really suffering lately and I just can’t seem to get any done, which is really making me worry a lot. I’ve been playing a lot of Mik‘s bass lately, which has been relaxing me a little, but my head just feels so wound tight, I feel like I could snap.

Well, I need to get some sleep. It’s now 4:30am and I am feeling dizzy.

Happy iPod Day!

I realize most of you call this wonderous day “Christmas,” but not me, not this year; it’s iPod day baby! That is right, 20GB (already half full, too) of listening pleasure all for me! I ended up getting my iPod given to me on Christmas Eve, because my family all went to my brothers girlfriends for lunch and I wasn’t going to be able to use it if I didn’t get it a little early. I am honestly so in love with my iPod it’s not funny, but I can talk about that at a later time.

After receiving my iPod on Christmas Eve, I prepared myself for the night ahead with beer and headed to the studio. The guys and I had a few drinks, played some foosball and some miniature pool, talked about fun times we’ve all had and had a few beers. Afterwards we booted a taxi down to the Pastoral and drank a few beers and played some pool. This was a pretty fun, but not necessarily entertaining night, apart from two girls who were hitting on me terribly – oh yeah, I’ve still got it! I guess I just wasn’t in the mood though, because for some reason I just felt a little left out and ended up going home to bed pretty early and getting a good nights sleep before Christmas.

Christmas morning I was awoken to one of my favorite people in the world, Ryan came barraging into my room and telling me the story of his morning. Apparently he didn’t want to catch a taxi all the way home and decided to sleep at my house, but was too scared to let himself in and wake everyone up. The obvious answer to this is apparently to sleep on the front lawn. So Ryan decided to take his shoes off, pull his arms inside his tshirt and sleep on my front lawn, a great idea until my neighbor wakes up and decides to call the police. I ask you; what kind of asshole calls the cops on some poor bastard on CHRISTMAS DAY?

A few years ago I locked myself out of my dorm and I was out with a bunch of friends with nowhere to go at the end of the night. One of the girls I knew generously offered me her couch for the night and after copious amounts of drinking and dancing I made my way to her house. Unfortunately she was indisposed inside and didn’t let me in, so I decided to have a sleep on her front lawn (very similar to Ryan’s episode, only I left my shoes on). When the girl woke up the next day she saw a strange man on her lawn and called the police to come pick his vagrant ass up. They came, laid the boot into my stomach and arrested me and took me to the station. It took me 4 whole hours to explain what had happened to me and make them believe it, but in the end I got an apology and a lift back to her house.

So after I took Ryan back home we all went to my brothers girlfriends house to do the presents. I had agreed to this days before hand, however I never realized that her entire family was going to be present. I hate getting gifts at the best of times, even from my family, but receiving gifts in front of all these people seriously just freaked me out. I sat there like I had an itch on my brain and just died from all the commotion, I hope I don’t have to do that again for a while.

After presents was breakfast, followed by a large nap and then lunch. Lunch was delicious, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I finished up and made my way to Ryan’s for a swim in the pool and a few lagers. It was a pretty straight forward day, my hands went super-wrinkly from the water, we drank a lot, Ryan made us a barbecue dinner, then Josh came and picked me up and here I am on boxing day.

Today I am going to take a well earned (in my opinion) day off. I am going to learn some more of my iPod’s functions, relax and watch some Star Trek, and just generally be a boring geek and have a nice day for once.

To all my readers, their friends and family: May you have a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and an even better 2005. May your goats bring you much milk and may your crops be fertile. May the beer flow freely and may your daughters become my lovers. Have a good one kids and I hope to do a lot more writing here in the new year!

Look out 2005…

…the boys are on their way!

Just earlier I spoke to James on the phone and made sure it was cool if Rob, Ryan and I crashed at his place in Sydney for New Years Eve. His exact response went something like, “yeah bro, you guys don’t really need to even ask!” It’s so sweet having friends like that, James and I have only met once (the last time I went to Sydney) and we just instantly became good mates and really hit it off, it was fantastic.

Ryan, Rob and I are heading down on Thursday the 30th to make sure that we get relaxed and have a great new years. The road trip down there will be fun, except for the fact that we are taking my car and I’ll have to drive, that sucks. The boys will be drunk before we even arrive, but I am going to drag them into China town for a few more beers and hopefully will get to meet up with a fellow deviant artist, the ever beautiful ~littlegingerkitty.

Friday will probably be quiet, a bit of shopping at the markets and a few beers to prepare, then getting ready for the night ahead. We’re going to go into Circular Quay to watch the Fireworks and later heading out to Club Blink to finish off our new years in style at their New Years Eve Party. I’ve never been to Club Blink, but I am assured it’s a wonderful place, so I am really looking forward to it.

Saturday will be a drive home, which completely sucks. I don’t want to have to leave Sydney so early, but unfortunately Rob has to work on the Sunday, so we have to. It’ll be cool, plus I’ll make Rob drive and get shattered with Ryan all the way home. Plus we’ll also have my wonderful new iPod to listen to all the way home, which is completely rockin’!

Happy Fucking Holidays

I am feeling really emo right now. It’s a combination of feeling somewhat lonely and the fact that Christmas is here. I guess I have been feeling this way for a few weeks at least, but I never really admitted it to myself until last night. As I was headed to bed I lit a candle (as I do every night) and some incense and pulled myself into bed and I just realized how much I was longing to have someone to talk to about everything that is happening in my life lately. I know I can talk to my friends, and I do, but we all just have so much shit going on that it is hard to sit and talk about it all. I don’t think I am ready for a full-on relationship right now. Soon maybe, but not at this very moment. I guess it’d just be nice to have someone to talk to.

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, oh how I loathe thee. When I was growing up, we used to spend out Christmas at my grandfathers house. My grandfather was my favorite person in the whole world and was the glue of our family; since he died things have come a little unstuck. I used to spend Christmas with my 30-something cousins, 16 or something uncles and aunties, grandparents and immediate family. It used to be a time of year that I looked forward too, but now there are hardly any of my family left talking. Not only this, but as old age would seem to have it, I am starting to see through Christmas and realizing that it’s not a time to make other people happy, but it’s a time to spend exorbitant amounts of money on people who should be doing the same back to you.

I’m lonely, I’m emo and Christmas has lost it’s meaning. Bummer.

My l33t desktop


Today was a super cool day. I woke up around 6:30am and began checking emails and a bunch of deviantART related stuff flooded in, all of which was very fun. I answered some emails, wrote some fresh emails and headed down stairs around 8:30am to make some breakfast I had a toasted croissant with some ham and cheese, which was just fantastic. I had earlier received an email about a possible job, so I retouched my resume and sent of a letter of interest and all-in-all it sounds rather promising. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, as I often do, but I am a little confident and I might just be moving to Sydney early next year.

The rest of my day was riddle with house work and yard work, along with a few designs and some chatting on dAmn. It was a reasonably pleasant day (read: it wasn’t so hot I felt like I was dying for once), so most of it went rather quick and before I knew it I was heading out to see the guys at the studio. Ryan, Dessy and I played a few games of Counterstrike: Source before I got bored and came home (only to play them online again anyway), where I got my inspiration!

I was Counterstriking (not a word, bite me) away and I kept ALT-TAB’ing out to see who was trying to talk to me on MSN. ‘You know what would rock,’ I asked myself. ‘A second computer right there where I could chat when I am gaming.’ And then it started. I busted Archilles out of his slumber (disconnecting a user in the process, oopsies) and dragged it to my bedroom. After around an hour of re-cabling everything and running a second network cable behind all my furniture, we were in business. The result? Judge for yourself:

My l33t desktop, click to go to my deviantART description


Lost in the wonderful land of dA

It’s hot. And I mean really hot! If someone said to me, “how hot is it?” I would have to reply with, “dude, it’s damn hot!” It is so hot that every morning I wake up feeling sick, the kind of sick you get from heat stroke. It takes almost a full hour of sitting in front of the air conditioner to make me feel human again, and that is considerable.

My iPod arrived yesterday and I even had to sign for it at the door. Mum ran over, took it from my hands and proudly stated, “you can’t have this until Christmas young man!” What a sadist. So there, under the tree sits my iPod and my Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended box set. There are probably a few other things for me too, but I don’t know what they are and right now all I can think about is my iPod. I wanna take my (20 something gigabytes) music with me everywhere I go, especially in the car, but I am so very impatient. In fact, I just might be the most impatient person in the world.

deviantART has been keeping me fairly busy, getting accustomed to the way things work and just getting to know the other staff has been a lot of fun. I have also noticed that my position as staff has earned me a few more people on my watch list, it’s a shame they didn’t watch me before, but I am not going to complain. I also purchased a prints account over there a few days ago, so anyone who wishes to purchase my photography can now do so.

Some may notice that I have deleted several themes from the theme selector. This is mostly because many of them were simply a variation on a theme, so I am trying to give each theme it’s own character and flare. I also made a new theme called Broken Canvas, which is based on $Phae‘s website. $Phae is another administrator from deviantART and after I saw her website I immediately sought out permission to make a theme based on her site. A special thanks to $Phae for giving me permission and I am told that *knock is responsible for the leaf graphics, thanks guys. If you wish to activate the new theme, click here.


Everyone who knows me, knows how I feel about Open Source software. It’s free, it’s well made, 90% of the time it’s better than the stuff we pay for and it puts the power back into yours and my hands. Open Source dot ORG has recently released TheOpenCD Version 2.0 and I cannot speak highly enough of their choices. I won’t go into details here, because I want everyone who reads this to go over to their site, but I can say that everyone should download the iso files, burn the CD 10 times and give it to some friends. For every peice of free software you use, someone like Microsoft loses a step in the market and that is good for everyone!

See also: Open Source Rant

Big Pimpin’!

I have been concentrating so heavily on my writing lately that I have had almost no time for anything else. This is a really good thing, because I am getting a lot done, but a bad thing because my journals have been highly neglected of late and really need some TLC.

As of about 72 hours ago I am now an admin on deviantART! That is right, there is no longer a *bananasontoast but rather a +bananasontoast! My status as staff and member of the dAmn Army has been finally made full and I am just so excited to be helping this community. I’ve spent much of my time trying to get my internet connection to work properly, but also spending time familiarizing myself with the new Admin options that are available and making sure I don’t accidentally ban someone or make a fool of myself. I’ve also been trying to write my “Staff Bio” but I have absolutely no idea what to write, hopefully it will come to me soon.

I sent off some work to a client about 3 days ago only to be notified the next time I emailed him that his email address has been closed down. He has obviously tried to pull a swift one, but what he doesn’t realize is I put a nice (almost unnoticeable) watermark over the work, so he will have to pay for the work later and I think I may refuse to sell him the proper thing after trying to rip me off. It feels good to be smart, but it will feel better when he finally notices the subtle watermark and realizes he is in a spot of bother.

This weekend will be one of relaxing. The guys have just sent their demo off to their producer and after the stressful weeks of late, we’re all going to enjoy some Rest and Relaxation with some Halo 2 tonight and a LAN party tomorrow night. I think everyone of us are a bit highly strung right now, so I think beer may also help! Onward ho!

Storm Clouds (continued)

After my last entry the storm has not entirely stopped. There has been short rests and gaps in the rain, lightning and thunder, but nothing substantial. It got so severe at one stage that a crack of thunder set my car alarm off and was so loud I felt the sound vibrations inside my chest. The crack that followed sent the electricity out for almost 2 hours and since then my ISP has been having troubles and my internet connection has been periodically failing, returning timeouts and generally just being a pain in the ass.

The miserable – well, others would call it miserable, I love the rain – look outside hasn’t stopped for almost 2 days now and the whole time it’s been rather tough getting outside and getting anything done. It’s given me time to concentrate on writing and webdesign, so I can’t complain too much to be honest.

Storm Clouds

I woke up this morning around 9am after a bit of a sleep in because I went to bed so late, but I have been laying in bed reading and listening to an impressive storm since then. Okay, so I laid in bed for two and a half hours listening to rain and thunder, but wow, it’s been so long since I have heard it. You see, where I live, we are currently in a two year drought, which is quite an impressive time for farm lands to go without rain, so rain is quite exciting here.

I am working on a weekend wrap-up, but all my other top-secret and not-so-secret projects keep getting in the way of me having any time to write. I even wrote a to-do list last night and had to add “Make time for writing” to it so that I would make it happen.

Yesterday I helped mom order my iPod for Christmas, which I am very very *very* excited about. I have wanted an iPod for a long time and with free laser engraving and free shipping, what better time to buy one? I got mine engraved on the back with my name and website, which should be very funky for something different. I may also be doing a website for a friend who is quite crafty with an airbrush, so I may trade him for the privelage of tattooing my iPod for me.

Last night I went to The Studio and spoke with Mik about our top-secret project as well as the not-so-secret project of the new Lik-Wid website. The redesign is well underway and I am working on some ideas on how I shall be writing for them and hopefully finishing a majority of the project today. Things are in motion and I don’t want to stop now, I will try and finish the weekend wrap-up tonight if I have time and if not, it shall be abandoned.