Big Pimpin’!

I have been concentrating so heavily on my writing lately that I have had almost no time for anything else. This is a really good thing, because I am getting a lot done, but a bad thing because my journals have been highly neglected of late and really need some TLC.

As of about 72 hours ago I am now an admin on deviantART! That is right, there is no longer a *bananasontoast but rather a +bananasontoast! My status as staff and member of the dAmn Army has been finally made full and I am just so excited to be helping this community. I’ve spent much of my time trying to get my internet connection to work properly, but also spending time familiarizing myself with the new Admin options that are available and making sure I don’t accidentally ban someone or make a fool of myself. I’ve also been trying to write my “Staff Bio” but I have absolutely no idea what to write, hopefully it will come to me soon.

I sent off some work to a client about 3 days ago only to be notified the next time I emailed him that his email address has been closed down. He has obviously tried to pull a swift one, but what he doesn’t realize is I put a nice (almost unnoticeable) watermark over the work, so he will have to pay for the work later and I think I may refuse to sell him the proper thing after trying to rip me off. It feels good to be smart, but it will feel better when he finally notices the subtle watermark and realizes he is in a spot of bother.

This weekend will be one of relaxing. The guys have just sent their demo off to their producer and after the stressful weeks of late, we’re all going to enjoy some Rest and Relaxation with some Halo 2 tonight and a LAN party tomorrow night. I think everyone of us are a bit highly strung right now, so I think beer may also help! Onward ho!