Look out 2005…

…the boys are on their way!

Just earlier I spoke to James on the phone and made sure it was cool if Rob, Ryan and I crashed at his place in Sydney for New Years Eve. His exact response went something like, “yeah bro, you guys don’t really need to even ask!” It’s so sweet having friends like that, James and I have only met once (the last time I went to Sydney) and we just instantly became good mates and really hit it off, it was fantastic.

Ryan, Rob and I are heading down on Thursday the 30th to make sure that we get relaxed and have a great new years. The road trip down there will be fun, except for the fact that we are taking my car and I’ll have to drive, that sucks. The boys will be drunk before we even arrive, but I am going to drag them into China town for a few more beers and hopefully will get to meet up with a fellow deviant artist, the ever beautiful ~littlegingerkitty.

Friday will probably be quiet, a bit of shopping at the markets and a few beers to prepare, then getting ready for the night ahead. We’re going to go into Circular Quay to watch the Fireworks and later heading out to Club Blink to finish off our new years in style at their New Years Eve Party. I’ve never been to Club Blink, but I am assured it’s a wonderful place, so I am really looking forward to it.

Saturday will be a drive home, which completely sucks. I don’t want to have to leave Sydney so early, but unfortunately Rob has to work on the Sunday, so we have to. It’ll be cool, plus I’ll make Rob drive and get shattered with Ryan all the way home. Plus we’ll also have my wonderful new iPod to listen to all the way home, which is completely rockin’!