Happy iPod Day!

I realize most of you call this wonderous day “Christmas,” but not me, not this year; it’s iPod day baby! That is right, 20GB (already half full, too) of listening pleasure all for me! I ended up getting my iPod given to me on Christmas Eve, because my family all went to my brothers girlfriends for lunch and I wasn’t going to be able to use it if I didn’t get it a little early. I am honestly so in love with my iPod it’s not funny, but I can talk about that at a later time.

After receiving my iPod on Christmas Eve, I prepared myself for the night ahead with beer and headed to the studio. The guys and I had a few drinks, played some foosball and some miniature pool, talked about fun times we’ve all had and had a few beers. Afterwards we booted a taxi down to the Pastoral and drank a few beers and played some pool. This was a pretty fun, but not necessarily entertaining night, apart from two girls who were hitting on me terribly – oh yeah, I’ve still got it! I guess I just wasn’t in the mood though, because for some reason I just felt a little left out and ended up going home to bed pretty early and getting a good nights sleep before Christmas.

Christmas morning I was awoken to one of my favorite people in the world, Ryan came barraging into my room and telling me the story of his morning. Apparently he didn’t want to catch a taxi all the way home and decided to sleep at my house, but was too scared to let himself in and wake everyone up. The obvious answer to this is apparently to sleep on the front lawn. So Ryan decided to take his shoes off, pull his arms inside his tshirt and sleep on my front lawn, a great idea until my neighbor wakes up and decides to call the police. I ask you; what kind of asshole calls the cops on some poor bastard on CHRISTMAS DAY?

A few years ago I locked myself out of my dorm and I was out with a bunch of friends with nowhere to go at the end of the night. One of the girls I knew generously offered me her couch for the night and after copious amounts of drinking and dancing I made my way to her house. Unfortunately she was indisposed inside and didn’t let me in, so I decided to have a sleep on her front lawn (very similar to Ryan’s episode, only I left my shoes on). When the girl woke up the next day she saw a strange man on her lawn and called the police to come pick his vagrant ass up. They came, laid the boot into my stomach and arrested me and took me to the station. It took me 4 whole hours to explain what had happened to me and make them believe it, but in the end I got an apology and a lift back to her house.

So after I took Ryan back home we all went to my brothers girlfriends house to do the presents. I had agreed to this days before hand, however I never realized that her entire family was going to be present. I hate getting gifts at the best of times, even from my family, but receiving gifts in front of all these people seriously just freaked me out. I sat there like I had an itch on my brain and just died from all the commotion, I hope I don’t have to do that again for a while.

After presents was breakfast, followed by a large nap and then lunch. Lunch was delicious, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I finished up and made my way to Ryan’s for a swim in the pool and a few lagers. It was a pretty straight forward day, my hands went super-wrinkly from the water, we drank a lot, Ryan made us a barbecue dinner, then Josh came and picked me up and here I am on boxing day.

Today I am going to take a well earned (in my opinion) day off. I am going to learn some more of my iPod’s functions, relax and watch some Star Trek, and just generally be a boring geek and have a nice day for once.

To all my readers, their friends and family: May you have a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and an even better 2005. May your goats bring you much milk and may your crops be fertile. May the beer flow freely and may your daughters become my lovers. Have a good one kids and I hope to do a lot more writing here in the new year!