Creatively Speaking

There is something very inspiring about having a shower at night. It’s not that you get to pee in a drain or partake in solo-sexual acts, but it’s the fact that apart from the dull whir of the exhaust fan, you are totally left alone with your thoughts. I spend 99% of my day listening to music, so it’s not often I just take some time to exist in silence and listen to my head. Okay, so maybe it has something to do with the solo-sexual acts too, but in the last 15 minutes I have written approximately a page in my story. That is one A4 page of Verdana print at 9pt. That is a substantial amount of writing and I owe it all to my late night desire to cleans my body before I go off to bed.

Getting this story started was so simple. The story had been developing for months in my head as I created the characters, their faults and failings, their emotional levels, their distinctiveness, their idiosyncrasies, and the plot in which I would put them in. I wrote the first chapter, then re-wrote the first chapter, until the first chapter became two. Then I reworked those, gave them more and more depth and discovered that the story was taking on more depth than I had ever expected. I had planned on writing a short story, however if the story keeps developing it could end up as a full novel. This wouldn’t phase me, but the problem with writing a novel is that it takes a lot of time and if it’s not successful you end up wasting months of your life working in a literary project that is only good for kindling.

Since I decided that I wanted to try my hand at writing in August, 2003 I have written a lot of stories. Some are decent starts to larger stories, some are utter crap and some are buried somewhere in the local waste center. The one thing that I have learned about writing is that the story takes on it’s own life. Sure, you start the story, but after your fingers begin flowing, you find yourself typing sentences that have never before had meaning in your mind.

Writing is still a dream to me. Nothing would make me happier than some day being able to call myself a “writer” or even an “author,” but one thing I know for certain is that I won’t be giving up on this dream. I hope that if nothing else this story teaches me something about myself. I hope that I am a better person at the end than who I was when I begun. This journey started with an empty sheet in OpenOffice, who knows where it will end up?

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