Mitch Malone dot COM

Tonight, while I had the cash and can afford it at the moment, I indulged myself in completing a project I have long wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to be the owner my name dot com, and now I am. My latest creation, Mitch Malone dot COM is basically an “about” site and launchpad. This will be from now on the page I will be linking to when people ask me about my website, because basically from this they can find my weblog, my art, buy my prints (and as you can see if you’ve had a look) find any links that regard me.

The actual site design itself is in it’s infancy as I have big plans for the graphical enhancement. Rather than my standard XHTML/CSS only websites, I decided to really branch out into some kind graphics intense sex-bomb of a website. Be sure to keep an eye on the site and update any “Mitch” links to this site please. I can’t wait until it starts getting some hits and I really can’t wait until the design has matured a little more.