Mitch’s Top 10

The other day Ryan and I were discussing the best movies of all time. I have a lot of movies that I really like, but I think I can easily put my finger on my ten most favorite movies, so here goes starting from 10. This may contain a few spoilers and you might also notice that I am leaving out both Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Star Wars and Star Trek, purely because they make the top 19 movies of my all time favorites and that would be kind of a boring list.

10. Saw: A very new film and frankly one of the best scripts ever written. This movie plays out perfectly, not to mention that it treads in a lot of places where most movies fear to.

9. Pulp Fiction: Hardcore drugs, blood, violence and directed by the man, Quinton Tarintino. Definitely in my Top 10 of all time!

8. Waynes World and Waynes World 2: Two absolute classic movies, they combine awesome music, bad 80’s fashion and hair and two of the biggest tards to ever walk the earth. “Party on!”

7. Toy Story: One of the best animated movies of all time, this movie is just fantastic! Toy Story 2 is almost as good, but I think it ranks just outside my Top 10.

6. Cop and a Half: It sounds crap, and in parts it kind of is, but it’s actually comedy gold. Without a doubt the best non-animated kids movie ever made. With quotes like, “no, he’s been dunking for turds!” and half witted henchmen, how can you go wrong?!

5. Mallrats: Every single line of this movie is a memorable quote, there is nothing that the characters don’t say that Ryan and I don’t quote at least once a week. “Might that be the party where you fucked Rick Derris on a pool table?”

4. The Goonies: The most classic 80’s movie ever. I mean hell, it even stars a young Shaun Astin, so if that doesn’t make it worth watching nothing will.

3. The Austin Powers Trilogy: I’ve grouped these movies because I think they are all as good as each other and I think they are all good films. Good for when you just want to sit down and have a laugh without thinking too much.

2. American History X: The only movie that has ever made me cry. Ever. At the end when Danny is shot, I can’t help but think to myself how I would react if that happened to Josh and it almost brings me to tears every single time.

1. Fight Club: I think everything about this movie is just fantastic. From the casting, the script and the production, this movie is simply perfect. A good plot twist never fails to impress either.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to a short film Seth Whiley directed a while ago called The Good Things. It also starred my favorite writer, and he is a damn fine actor too, Wil Wheaton. It was 27 minutes of awesomeness, however I cannot find the movie anywhere and not even so much as a link to it existing on DVD or VHS. If anyone has any clues as to how I might find it, let me know.