Yesterday started out as a good day, but that soon came crashing down with one phone call. My family had all just got home to find that my dog, Shadow, was missing. I miss him like crazy already and he has barely been gone for 24 hours. When he was in the backyard I always did my best to be good to him, but I can’t help but feel that I took our time together for granted. I never realized how valuable that time was and how hard it would be to recall after he is gone.

I think the part that scares me the most is what is happening to the poor guy. If he walked off and got lost (which I highly doubt, he is a very smart dog) he is probably scared out of his brain and looking frantically for me. If he was stolen (which I tend to think is the case) he is probably twice as scared as if he just got lost and probably doesn’t understand why myself and my family aren’t around. The thing is, he is like an infant; he is a smart dog, yet he really does rely on us to do all of his common sense thinking. I bet he is just so terrified right now and that is the part that hurts the most.

I want my dog back. I am so sad without him.