Alright, so this morning my phone rings:

Woman: “Hi, we saw an ad on the paper that you lost a Husky?”
Me: “Yeah, for real, have you found him?!”
Woman: “Yeah maybe, he is here. We have a Husky too and our friends bought your dog to us thinking it was ours, he’s been here since Wednesday.”

I thought to myself, ‘thank god he has been kept well,’ and got their address and went to find him. As I was pulling up he heard my car and I saw him through the door. I immediately knew it was him and apparently he knew it was me too. As he heard my car he bolted for the door and nearly knocked their security door off it’s hinges and scared the bajeezus out of them.

Me: “Well, errr… Thanks for returning my dog, I’ll see you guys around…”
Me: “Oh, shit… The reward!”
Woman: “Oh, riiiiight, I almost forgot!” (whatever!)
Me: “I got nothing on me, but if you give me your phone number, my mother will call you as soon as she finishes work.”
Woman: “Better give me your number too, just in case… errr… our dog ever goes missing… or… something…” (again, full of shit)

We exchanged numbers and I drove away with Shadow. I called my mother and she was so excited that I had to drive to her work so she could see him – she had been a wreck the last few days and has been crying so much more than I recall her ever crying in my life. I am so glad he is home for so many reasons, but now it is time to give the smelly guy a bath!

Update: This is a scan of the article that found my pooch. Yay!

The Article That Found Him!