Happy 301st!

Wow, I just logged into movabletype and saw this:

bananas on toast
So geek it hurts!

Total Posts: 300
Total Comments: 362

And just for good measure, last months log stats:

Unique visitors: 2331
Number of visits: 10526 (average of 4.5 per user)
Visits to main: 5083

Unfortunately I must be writing the wrong things, because this is my top search responses, in order.

  1. cross dress
  2. bon scott
  3. stardate calculator
  4. bon scott s grave
  5. bananas on toast w00t
  6. new years eve photos
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  8. bananas on toast
  9. cross-dress
  10. lpjz track listing

I am quite proud of those, apart from 1 and 9. Hahahaha.

Anthony Mundine is a joke

While laughing at the second film clip by Joel Turner which features Anthony Mundine, I realized that I haven’t written any angsty hate in my journal for a while. Joel Turner, for those who don’t know, is a beatboxer/rapper/singer/guitarist with awesome talent who didn’t make it past the first round of Australian Idol. After he bombed off the Idol, he made the sound effects for the first DVD and went on to release an awesome song called “These Kids.”

The guy is talented, but unfortunately talent doesn’t mean you have brains. For some reason, unbeknown to anyone with common sense, he thought it was a good career move to team himself up with an absolute loser like Anthony Mundine. Anthony Mundine is the most conceited person I think I have ever seen grace television, so much so that when he left the NRL to pursue his boxing career/joke the never-capped footballer was quoted saying something very much alike, “I am the best football player ever, so I am going to try something new.” I am sure it was far less articulate than this, however it sums it up quite well.

Anthony Mundine is the current Super Middle Weight champion of the world. Of course, this is rather an easy title to capture when the only other contenders are punch-drunk has beens and never weres, but for “The Man” that doesn’t seem to matter. Apparently there is a lot of honor in pulling a never-was out of retirement, beating the shit out of him (of course, not knocking him out, Mundine only had 4 KO’s to his name) and sending him away again is the height of masculinity.

In closing I would just like to reiterate my hate of Anthony Mundine. Thank you.

How geeks go back to school

Well it’s nearly time for Aussie kids to head back to school and begin their study for 2005. With that, a lot of students rush out and update to Norton 2005, buy the latest version of windows, upgrade their computer, buy the latest Microsoft office suite, and that is just for their computer. So what do you do if you don’t have a bazillion dollars to spend? It’s called Open Source baby and it works just as well! Josh is beginning his first year of University so for Christmas I gave him my second laptop and I am helping him get it all set up for the new year. Here is how we did it.

The first thing you need is an operating system. Ideally I would recommend a nice simple Linux distribution such as Fedora Core 3 if you were trying to save bucks, but luckily Josh and I had a spare copy of windows laying around and we shall use that. Josh really doesn’t have enough time to learn Linux, as much as I know he wants to, but maybe that will come later in the year. Luckily, almost all of the applications I have chosen are cross-platform compliant, so whether you are using Windows or Linux, it really won’t matter.

Next you need some virus protection. A good browser and email client as well as a decent firewall will go a long way, but frankly you just need something more. Sure you could fork out a few hundred bucks for a copy of Norton Antivirus, but why do that when Grisoft are prepared to give you AVG for free? While the AVG Free Edition does not get the priority updates as quick as paying users do, this is definitely adequate for an average user, so download it and give it a run. I’ve been using it since Mik suggested it at our last LAN party and I’ve been more than satisfied.

As Microsoft grows in many areas, one place it hasn’t grown substantially in a very long time is it’s office suite. OpenOffice however has had several updates (all free) this year alone and now currently supports almost 100% of Microsoft files, which is an added bonus. This was the second thing to go on Josh’s laptop after AVG, it includes word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows and even a drawing program. The only thing that Microsoft has in this area that OpenOffice lacks is an e-mail application, but personally no email application compares to Thunderbird, which I shall get to later.

OpenOffice installs like a dream and the only thing you might need extra to it is an install of Java from Sun. Again, this is just as easy to install, so throw it on there first just so that your install of OpenOffice is more complete. All in all the totally download and install time should take around 30 minutes to an hour on broadband, dialup users may wish to buy a copy of APC or another reputable computer magazine that has OpenOffice on the cover CD to make it a little easier.

We all know that Browse Happy has been around for a while and tells us not to use Internet Explorer. The last thing you want is an inferior browser downloading and running some viruses without your permission, so for your browsing you definitely want Firefox from Mozilla. Firefox is just as easy (if not easier once you get used to it) to use as Internet explorer, but comes with loads of features that Internet explorer lacks such as tabbed browsing and extensible features. I recently converted Liam from Lik-Wid and his exact words after he downloaded Firefox were, “I can’t believe I haven’t been using this all along!” and he then vowed to convert Mik too. Liam had a lot of hassles with spyware before using Firefox and as I understand it now, he is flying high now.

How do you download your email, if you download it? Outlook Express right? Sure, it’s easy and it becomes pre-installed on most Windows installations, but it’s about as safe as it’s counterpart Internet Explorer. It has a habit of trying to read your mind and running scripts it is sent. Obviously some security updates have been made, but this should just never have been a problem in the first place. Solution? Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s just like Firefox in that it is very secure and comes with a lot of extensions such as a Calendar, RSS readers and loads more. Download it, get used to it and make your email just a little safer. It also ties in nicely with AVG and your email will be automatically scanned when incoming, which is just beautiful.

How do you keep organized? I have a nice little calendar on my website which some of you may have noticed. This is a combination of having my own website, a free program called Mozilla Calendar and a free script called PHP iCalendar. All of these are readily available to the average user and easy enough to use. Of course not everyone wants to publish their calendar like me, but my point is that it is all free. If you need to keep track of assignments, download Calendar for Firefox or Calendar for Thunderbird. It’s a simple add-on and takes around 1 minute on broadband to download and it will keep you in check. You can even download it for both Firefox and Thunderbird at the same time, then tell both applications to use the same data source and share the files it creates!

Gmail is beautiful. Most people have a Gmail address, those who don’t most likely know someone who does and that someone just might have some invites to get you an address. I know that I have several invites in my account so if you are reading this, know me and want an account let me know. The biggest advantage of a Gmail account is that you don’t have to delete any important emails, as well as you can access your account as an extra hard drive on your computer to store your assignments and files you might want to use elsewhere, such as at a friends house.

Last, but certainly not least, everyone who travels or uses multiple computers needs a thumbdrive. These guys come in various sizes ranging from 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512 Megabytes to 1GB and soon bigger, and are made by a lot of different companies giving you a lot of choices. Most of the sizes from 128MB or less are pretty cheap to most people and should hold everything you need it to. Buy one, put all your program installs (so you can install them anywhere you might be) and put your assignments on them and you are set to study anywhere. Another useful idea might be to download an Offline Browsing add-on for Firefox, store your study material on the disk and take them anywhere you like with you.

Well this started as a small “how to” and ended up being somewhat of an essay, so I hope this isn’t too hard for anyone to follow. I am more than happy to help out with anything I have describe here, so feel free to comment if anything gives you trouble, but most of it should be easy to solve via a quick search on Google. Have fun with it and good luck with your study!

Poor little guy

Tonight my dog hurt himself really badly. Not that he doesn’t do it every other day, but tonight was so much worse that I almost cried. He often lays on this slat chair we have out the back and he thinks it is just the best thing in the world. He loves it so much, but every now and then (and ever increasingly) his foot gets trapped between two of the slats and he hurts himself. Usually he can free himself, but tonight he couldn’t and I had to lift him up until he was okay again.

I was just rinsing my plate after eating dinner when I heard a whoosh as the chair slipped and his foot got caught. He was laying on the top, so his foot went down through the slats and went to the underside. After this happened he must have fallen all the way under the chair because his leg was rotated about 270 degrees, which is about 90 past normal for a dog. I ran out and tried to put my arm under to lift him, but in his panic he bit me (seriously hard) and I took a step back. I basically had about half a second to grab him, pull him out and get him on his feet before he would throw his teeth in again, so I grabbed his fur and lifted him out and to safety.

He cried and he was so scared when it happened that the poor guy peed all over himself and all over the ground. He came to me and cuddle up to me and he was just so scared it was heartbreaking. The poor guy, he really is such a baby and I hate to think what might happen if I wasn’t around one day when this happened. I’d be lost without him.

So as soon as mum and dad return from their trip I am going to buy some new slats to replace the existing ones and I am going to make sure these ones are wider so that there are no gaps so his feet can’t go down through it. If I don’t fix it, he might just break his leg next time and that would be really sad for him.


I wanted to write a wrap-up of my new years, but everything is so rushed right now I just don’t think I would have the time. Besides, so much happened. Let’s just say I drank a lot, partied a lot and had a whole bunch of fun. What I really want to talk about is new years resolutions and what mine is. Every year people think up some half-assed excuse for a “new years resolution” and never follow through with it, but not me, not this year. I know what I want to accomplish in 2005 and I know that I won’t do it without talking about it, so here goes.

1. My first goal is to prioritize my life. I want to know exactly what is and is not important to me and where all the is-important items stand. My important things are going to be my writing, my music, deviantART and my photography, and finding work. My not important list is much longer and at the top is all the hours I waste online. I couldn’t live without a certain time spent online chatting and speaking to my net friends, but I will no longer be spending hours on end chatting about nonsense when I could be playing my bass or writing. To all my net friends, I am sorry that I must cut this time down so drastically, but it just has to happen to get my life where I want it to be.

2. My fitness needs to improve drastically. I am going to lose the extra pounds and start taking care of this body and that is going to start with exercise. I haven’t walked the dog in quite a while, which in itself is disgraceful, but I also haven’t walked myself either, which is worse. I am going to trim down on the meals, exercise some more, drink a little less during weekdays and start losing the excess weight. I know once I do that I will be sleeping less, enjoying life more and accomplishing all my goals quicker.

3. University. I am going to slowly pull my degree back on track and start getting that qualification I have desired for so long. Right now I am way behind, but all it will take is a year of good work and I will be back on top of it all. I won’t be going back in full time because I will be still looking for work, but I also won’t be making any mistakes and I will be getting the subjects I need done out of the way.

4. Read more. Write more Cook more. Three major passions of mine that I haven’t made much time to improve, these guys are going to be getting some major visits from Mitch this year.

And as I wrap up these 4 projects, each with their own sub-projects, I would have to say that my 5th item is to keep this site up to date. The entries I generally write only take around 20 minutes of my day and I see no reason why I couldn’t keep a day-to-day journal of the things I am up to.

To all my readers, I hope your holiday season was terrific (however you celebrate it) and I hope you have a wonderful new year. Keep reading and checking on my progress, because with these 4 projects, my writing, and several secret projects (which will be revealed as they come to realization) I promise to entertain.