Blogging for the nervous system

Sitting down and writing in this journal, no matter how insignificant it may seem to a passer by, is like a drug to me. Whether I have had a good or bad day, it’s important to me that I sit and get it out of my head and onto the paper (so to speak). I started work at my new job on Monday and I have had so much that I have wanted to talk about, but no time to write it. By the time I go to work, get home and take care of the house, eat dinner, wash up and do all that must be done, I am left with a few hours in the day that is taken up by me trying to get various projects out of the way.

Work is going really great. I am learning so much right now and even my bosses are telling me to not try and take it all in just yet. There are man computer systems, codes and protocols that must be remembered and I am told that it will likely take months before I ever get around to learning it all. Thank god that the other staff are awesome and understanding, I already feel like I have made a few friends down at work. The guys and girls I work with are terrific.

Home life has sucked. I have had so much shit to do and no time to relax. All I want to do is get home, sit down, grab a beer or a Pepsi and watch something on the television, or just take some time to work on my writing. Apart from absolutely no rest and no outlet for my stress and creativity though, everything has been fine.

My days have been quite a good rhythm though, I’ve been up at 8am every morning and in bed around 12am-ish every night. I’ve been feeling energized like never before until the very end of my day when it’s just time to relax. I generally begin wind down at around 11 by just watching the television, doing some reading or listening to podcasts, or just sitting on the phone to a friend.

Oh, and on a quick note before I go begin my nightly wind down, congratulations go out to one of my best friends Michael (not to be mistaken for Mik) who has just become a father. You’ll make a great parent dude, keep up the good work you lady killer!

Kill me now!

Holy crap… So I was working on my story and I save the file on my USB Thumbdrive… I put the drive into my drawer where I always keep it… I walked away and suddenly had an idea of how to begin the final plot twist… I brandished the drive, plugged it in and opened the file… Somehow, I moved the file from the drive, but that is okay… I save the file and watch the flashing lights on the drive go crazy and then stop…. I unplug the drive and assume it all saved and go to bed… This morning, I have some inspiration and I pull the drive out again to work on it… No file… Surely it’s saved somewhere… No? Fark… Wait, how much writing exactly have I lost? Oh, around 20,000 words… It is nowhere to be found on my computer and it’s not on the thumbdrive… I searched every file for all kinds of things, file names, containing character names, dates modified, file types… It’s gone… 20,000 words and about 12 months work… Gone… Someone kill me with a blunt instrument, because I feel like absolute shit… I wanted to do a rewrite, but this is hardly what I had in mind…

Help Mitch Podcast

Wow, things on the weblogging scene just seem to grow. Every other day I find an interesting weblog and take a peak into someones life, but now I have discovered an even more interesting side to weblogging; podcasting. For those who are uninitiated a podcast is almost like an online radio show, where rather than reading to a weblog you listen (generally on an iPod, obviously) to it. There are new news aggregators for it such as iPodder (Windows/Mac), iPodderx (Mac) and Doppler (Windows) which will automatically download the mp3 files to your computer. It’s not essential to have an mp3 player because you can simply listen on iTunes or Winamp, but it’s a definite advantage to be able to listen on the run.

In my research I downloaded a few different aggregators, but finally settled on iPodder to download my feeds. At present I have trialed a few different podcasts and even enjoyed the odd one, but I am becoming a bit of an Adam Curry fan. After listening to his show for the last week or so, I have become convinced that I will give it a bit of a go and make my own Podcast. This will not begin until bananas on toast is relaunched, but I am definitely thinking of doing a tech talk show where I will discuss technology, software, give advice and answer questions.

“What is the point of this shit?” I hear you ask. Simple: I need you to give me ideas for the show. I am a pretty easy speaker and I can generally keep interest, but the hardest part of any radio-style show is finding something to talk about all the time. Send your ideas, questions, thoughts, any advice, tell me that I should shut up or anything else to and help me get something interesting out of this. If it sucks, I’ll delete the subpage and we’ll all just pretend it never happened. Agreed? Agreed!

Redesign in progress

My website has always been very important to me. I registered the domain over a year and a half ago and my weblog has always somewhat defined me as a person. The designs have always been original and made by me, and the site currently hosts a slew of themes ranging from ones I’ve made from my own mind, to themes based on other websites such as $jark‘s Yellow Alien dot NET.

I am currently holding a competition over at deviantART to get a new design for the site. With me getting a new job and making certain lifestyle changes, one of those changes is cutting back the weblog to a more manageable site and making MMdC responsible for a lot of the extras that were found here.

Another reason to hate morons

While talking on dAmn for a few minutes I could hear The Price Is Right (with Larry Emdar) in the background. This game show is populated by Fully Sick Dudes and Housewives drooling over the host. The game show itself honestly rates highly, only because it caters for the lowest common denominator. Forget shows that test your intelligence, sometimes this show just tests how much of a dumb wench you are.

Larry: The price, ladies, is between $611,300 and $611,400. Vicki, your bid.
Vicki: Six… Evelen… Forty five hundred ($6,114,500)
Larry: No, now listen carefully. The price is between $611,300 and $611,400.
Gina: Six hundred eleven thousand, nine hundred dollars. ($611,900)
Larry: Once again, that is locked in, ladies, you need to listen carefully. The price is between $611,300 and $611,400. Thats 6-11 300 and 6-11 400.
Vicki: Six thousand dollars and seven hundred.
Larry: Higher. Now remember, the price is between $611,300 and $611,400.
Gina: Six hundred eleven thousand, three hundred and fifty!
Larry: Lower.
Vicki: Six, eleven, sixty two… (HIKE HIKE!)
Larry: Higher. Now remember for those at home, we are dealing with some life changing numbers here.
Gina: Six hundred eleven thousand, three hundred and forty!
Larry: Higher.
Vicki: Six hundred eleven thousand, three hundred and thirty-nine!
Larry: Higher.
Gina: Six hundred eleven thousand, three hundred and forty eight!
Larry: Bingo!

Yes, both clearly genius’. Survival of the fittest stopped working hundreds of years ago when we made life too easy for morons. I say we remove warning labels from everything and let the problem work itself out!

What the doctor ordered

I checked over at the Gravatar blog today and to my horror I was listed in the bottom 5 of their top referrers. This is because many of my commenters don’t have a Gravatar yet. Make my weblog rock and please sign up, I’ll love you even more than I already do!

After I post this short entry I am going to turn my computer off. I am going to turn my server off too – scarily enough. I am going to turn off everything except for my iPod and just relax. I am going to begin reading the Lord of the Rings yet again and just relax. Things have been stressful lately and now that I have a job I am just going to spend some time taking care of myself.

iPod is charged, book and bookmark are both ready. I am going to go fall asleep.

Wish me luck (part 2 of 2)

Well I just finished my interview about an hour ago now and I already got a call from my first referee. I think the interview went extremely well and I am pretty confident I have a chance at the job. The boss and second in charge conducted the interview and they were just awesome. They were both very straight forward and to the point and I could tell right away that they were the type of people I would like to work with.

Just because the interview is over, doesn’t mean I don’t mean luck. There may have been others who impressed them, so keep me in your thoughts and keep sending me positive mojo. I really want this job, so think hard people!

Wish me luck!

In about an hour and a half I will be sitting down taking a job interview. It’s a good sales position that will definitely make me happy, keeping me in Dubbo for a while longer to spend more time with my friends. As much as I want to enter the IT industry in Sydney, I think I want to do it at my own time and take each step when I am certain I am ready. Kevin has been kind enough to give me boarding quarters at his house if I should move to Sydney and I want to thank him so much for that, I know that sooner or later I will be taking up this generous offer when I move to Sydney.

Mik, Ryan, Luke, Liam, Dessy, Rob, Dave and everyone I am probably forgetting have been wonderful friends to me since I returned to Dubbo. I didn’t know these guys until around 8 or 9 months ago and they are already some of the best friends I have made in my life. I know I haven’t seen the guys in a while because I am looking for work, but I hope they know how much they and their friendship means to me. I think if this interview goes as well as I hope I will grab a few beers and go see them all this afternoon and thank them for putting up with me being so distant lately. I love you guys!

If you manage to get this before 3pm my time, please put me in your thoughts. If you get it after, put me in your thoughts anyway because I am not the only person going for this job. I totally need some good mojo coming my way because I really want this job. The working team, the location and the position all suit me so well and I hope I can make this happen. Wish me luck!