Help Mitch Podcast

Wow, things on the weblogging scene just seem to grow. Every other day I find an interesting weblog and take a peak into someones life, but now I have discovered an even more interesting side to weblogging; podcasting. For those who are uninitiated a podcast is almost like an online radio show, where rather than reading to a weblog you listen (generally on an iPod, obviously) to it. There are new news aggregators for it such as iPodder (Windows/Mac), iPodderx (Mac) and Doppler (Windows) which will automatically download the mp3 files to your computer. It’s not essential to have an mp3 player because you can simply listen on iTunes or Winamp, but it’s a definite advantage to be able to listen on the run.

In my research I downloaded a few different aggregators, but finally settled on iPodder to download my feeds. At present I have trialed a few different podcasts and even enjoyed the odd one, but I am becoming a bit of an Adam Curry fan. After listening to his show for the last week or so, I have become convinced that I will give it a bit of a go and make my own Podcast. This will not begin until bananas on toast is relaunched, but I am definitely thinking of doing a tech talk show where I will discuss technology, software, give advice and answer questions.

“What is the point of this shit?” I hear you ask. Simple: I need you to give me ideas for the show. I am a pretty easy speaker and I can generally keep interest, but the hardest part of any radio-style show is finding something to talk about all the time. Send your ideas, questions, thoughts, any advice, tell me that I should shut up or anything else to and help me get something interesting out of this. If it sucks, I’ll delete the subpage and we’ll all just pretend it never happened. Agreed? Agreed!