Blogging for the nervous system

Sitting down and writing in this journal, no matter how insignificant it may seem to a passer by, is like a drug to me. Whether I have had a good or bad day, it’s important to me that I sit and get it out of my head and onto the paper (so to speak). I started work at my new job on Monday and I have had so much that I have wanted to talk about, but no time to write it. By the time I go to work, get home and take care of the house, eat dinner, wash up and do all that must be done, I am left with a few hours in the day that is taken up by me trying to get various projects out of the way.

Work is going really great. I am learning so much right now and even my bosses are telling me to not try and take it all in just yet. There are man computer systems, codes and protocols that must be remembered and I am told that it will likely take months before I ever get around to learning it all. Thank god that the other staff are awesome and understanding, I already feel like I have made a few friends down at work. The guys and girls I work with are terrific.

Home life has sucked. I have had so much shit to do and no time to relax. All I want to do is get home, sit down, grab a beer or a Pepsi and watch something on the television, or just take some time to work on my writing. Apart from absolutely no rest and no outlet for my stress and creativity though, everything has been fine.

My days have been quite a good rhythm though, I’ve been up at 8am every morning and in bed around 12am-ish every night. I’ve been feeling energized like never before until the very end of my day when it’s just time to relax. I generally begin wind down at around 11 by just watching the television, doing some reading or listening to podcasts, or just sitting on the phone to a friend.

Oh, and on a quick note before I go begin my nightly wind down, congratulations go out to one of my best friends Michael (not to be mistaken for Mik) who has just become a father. You’ll make a great parent dude, keep up the good work you lady killer!