The Good Things

I unplugged my laptop for the first time in a week and dragged it over to the couch. I sat down and opened up OpenOffice Writer and typed the title “The Good Things” and wrap myself in my megatokyo blanket. I take a sip of my Milo and I suddenly realise why I chose the title. I’ve always heard people say that they enjoy “the simple things in life” but I have never totally understood it. I press play on my favorite episode of Voyager as my server decides to spew.

I get several MSN, ICQ and Yahoo! messages at once and Psi goes crazy. The “new message” bleep sounds off several times as I untangle myself from my blanket and put the Oreos back in the jar. ‘So much for relaxing,’ I think to myself as I avert another Internet-disaster.

I think if anyone asked I could definitely say I enjoy the simple things in life, but I doubt I could honestly say I take the time to enjoy them. I think more than anything I spend far too much time trying to make others happy and not enough time just trying to do the things I feel like doing. I can’t remember the last time I was able to watch a movie from start to finish or even sip my coffee in a relaxed manner without finishing half in one go so I can go do something for someone.

I think, as selfish as this sounds, I am just going to take some time to do some things for me this week. I am finally going to go look for some better headphones for my iPod, go hire a movie and watch it in one sitting and actually take the time to sip my coffee. I am going to do one small thing each day just for myself. Even if it kills me.

Ask me Friday how I did.

Happy Easter

This is my fifth journal entry for this month, which is just pathetic. I’ve really had a lot going on and a lot that I’ve wanted to write about, but practically no time to sit down and collect more than a few stray thoughts onto paper. It’s the Easter long weekend and I finally have some time to sit and take down a few things that have been happening of late.

Work has been really terrific and I am really starting to hit my rhythm. I’ve already smashed my sales figures and my boss seems really impressed with my work, I only hope that I can start working more and earning a little more money from the job. I will hopefully still be doing some freelance design work on the side in the near future as well as improving my design portfolio by doing a few free websites for friends. If you require a site, let me know.

I’ve been doing a little photoblogging (some of which you may see today) lately which has been fun. My new Nokia 6670 is just fantastic and taking it everywhere with me has been awesome. I think what I really need now is a better palm pilot (one that I can actually write on) or a tiny laptop that I can take with me and do my writing. To be perfectly honest it’s been really depressing not being able to write here and spill my thoughts and feelings.

Josh left for the US on Thursday and has gone to LA and Hawaii for approximately 10 days. I haven’t spoken to him since he left, but I am assured he is having a really good time. I just hope he is having fun rather than worrying about anything back home and so forth, cause the kid really needs a holiday.

It has literally taken me the better part of the day to write this article and it is now midnight. I need to go sleep now, so hopefully I can write some more tomorrow. Have a good Easter everyone and take care!


Yes I know I haven’t been around. Yes I know I’m rude. No I don’t care. I know you miss me. No I won’t return your phone calls. I’m busy right now, so just leave a damn message. It’s not you though, it’s me. Honestly. No we’re not breaking up, I just need some space. Yes that night in Vegas did mean something. No I don’t want that ring back.

Seriously though, I am so busy. Work and this thing called The Real World™ have totally taken over. I’ve been busier these last 4 weeks since starting work than I have in my life. I really want to sit down and do some writing soon, but at this very minute it looks rather unlikely. Have a good St Patricks Day and be sure to have a green beer for me! I promise I’ll have one for you! m/

Football Schmootball!

“Footie season starts next weekend mayte! F**kin’ excited or wha’? Go the doggies!” Mmmm football, the love of every jocks life and the bane of every intelligent persons existance… Where do I begin… The two major codes within Australia…

AFL – Not even football… A bunch of large men in small shorts, running around, jumping in the air and rather than actually acting like men and playing a contact sport, at the first sign of trouble they punt the ball away with their limp little wrists and meet in the shed after the game for lattes and blowjobs. If my awesome arguement thus far isn’t enough, the sport was played by Warwick Cappa for fuck sakes!

NRL – Whoever invented this sport must have been a caveman. I can just picture it: “Ugh. Guh. Ugh. Let’s make a game where we run at each other as fast as we can, kill our brain cells, then take about 4.5 seconds to get ready to do it all over again.” This would have to be the only sport in the world where an IQ is not only not necessary, but not having one is almost a requirement.

The only true football is English football (a.k.a. Soccer). Now that is a game of skill. I’m not talking about drunkin darts with your mates at the pub, but the kind of skill that requires practice and no flukie bullshit. Another good game is, as Dream_Brother mention, Rugby Union. It may be a “football” (I use inverted commas because true football is English football) code, but at least the game requires skill and brains and as opposed to this shitless brickies laborers and grease monkeys that play NRL, most of the teams are made up of accountants, managers and lawyers.

My new Macintosh fascination

Somewhere along my path to righteousness, my iPod has lead me astray. For years now I have preached my love for a *nix command line or a basic windows shell, but the lure of the polished and complete Powerbook with OSX is just so tempting. I’ve long wanted to have some form of Macintosh to be able to do all my graphics work on them, but the more time I spend with my iPod and see the sleek Macintosh devices, the more I could see myself actually using it for a little more than that.

It seems to me that the special thing about Macintosh is their finish. Their products don’t do anything major that other products can’t do, and sure they cost more, but it’s the sleek finish of their devices that are so appealing. Everything about their devices fit in with each other. It’s not like buying a PC where your hardware comes from numerous manufacturors and you don’t know about hardware conflicts until they are in the system (please, don’t even mention premade shit to me to counter this argument – Dell, Acer and all their rivals couldn’t make a PC is their lives depended on it), Macs come with beautiful and powerful setup and everything flows into the next thing nicely.

My plans for the future are to get a super nice (and most likely, super expensive) Powerbook, and set up a Wireless network. I basically want my house to be one big WiFi hotspot so that I am no longer limited to my desk – I mean, what is the point of a notebook you can’t work on the lounge with, right? I guess one of the beauties of having a stable paycheck now is that rather than saying “some time in the future” when talking about these things, I am actually looking at making the things happen.

I’m such a geek. I am scared to become an apple geek.

My problem with waiting

I don’t know why I have, but I’ve always had a problem with waiting for anything. Christmas time growing up was so stressful for me because I was too honest to go snooping, but too anxious to sleep. It would literally drive me into anxiety attacks where I would just feel very out of body until the event had it.

Today I tried to update my phone and the Teltra phone support guy canceled my contract in the wrong way and completely screwed me. I only have to wait 24 hours, but I can already feel this itch building up inside me and I hate it. I mean, this is seriously nothing, it’s just a new phone, big deal right? Wrong! It’s not the phone, it’s the fact that I have to wait for it! I mean, I even have a problem waiting to use the bathroom sometimes, surely you can guess how this is effecting me.

While I was growing up, my mother would take great pleasure in picking up presents from under the Christmas tree, shaking them and proclaiming, “I know what is inside this, do you?” Sure, it’s a harmless joke, but it really ticked me off. She would also say, “I know something you don’t know,” and make me wait hours until she would tell me. None of this is a bad thing, it’s just that where most people would laugh at her and wait their time, I completely got so distressed over it. I’m not blaming her at all, but I just have no patience anymore for waiting for things to happen.

So yeah, tomorrow I’ll be getting a new phone. Not because I need a new phone, some of you might still remember when I got my N-Gage, but because I want a camera phone so I can do photo blogging. I am thinking of keeping a photo blog down the side of my regular journal and EVERY day I will take a photo of something I did or saw. It should be fun and it will begin as of tomorrow.