My new Macintosh fascination

Somewhere along my path to righteousness, my iPod has lead me astray. For years now I have preached my love for a *nix command line or a basic windows shell, but the lure of the polished and complete Powerbook with OSX is just so tempting. I’ve long wanted to have some form of Macintosh to be able to do all my graphics work on them, but the more time I spend with my iPod and see the sleek Macintosh devices, the more I could see myself actually using it for a little more than that.

It seems to me that the special thing about Macintosh is their finish. Their products don’t do anything major that other products can’t do, and sure they cost more, but it’s the sleek finish of their devices that are so appealing. Everything about their devices fit in with each other. It’s not like buying a PC where your hardware comes from numerous manufacturors and you don’t know about hardware conflicts until they are in the system (please, don’t even mention premade shit to me to counter this argument – Dell, Acer and all their rivals couldn’t make a PC is their lives depended on it), Macs come with beautiful and powerful setup and everything flows into the next thing nicely.

My plans for the future are to get a super nice (and most likely, super expensive) Powerbook, and set up a Wireless network. I basically want my house to be one big WiFi hotspot so that I am no longer limited to my desk – I mean, what is the point of a notebook you can’t work on the lounge with, right? I guess one of the beauties of having a stable paycheck now is that rather than saying “some time in the future” when talking about these things, I am actually looking at making the things happen.

I’m such a geek. I am scared to become an apple geek.