Happy Easter

This is my fifth journal entry for this month, which is just pathetic. I’ve really had a lot going on and a lot that I’ve wanted to write about, but practically no time to sit down and collect more than a few stray thoughts onto paper. It’s the Easter long weekend and I finally have some time to sit and take down a few things that have been happening of late.

Work has been really terrific and I am really starting to hit my rhythm. I’ve already smashed my sales figures and my boss seems really impressed with my work, I only hope that I can start working more and earning a little more money from the job. I will hopefully still be doing some freelance design work on the side in the near future as well as improving my design portfolio by doing a few free websites for friends. If you require a site, let me know.

I’ve been doing a little photoblogging (some of which you may see today) lately which has been fun. My new Nokia 6670 is just fantastic and taking it everywhere with me has been awesome. I think what I really need now is a better palm pilot (one that I can actually write on) or a tiny laptop that I can take with me and do my writing. To be perfectly honest it’s been really depressing not being able to write here and spill my thoughts and feelings.

Josh left for the US on Thursday and has gone to LA and Hawaii for approximately 10 days. I haven’t spoken to him since he left, but I am assured he is having a really good time. I just hope he is having fun rather than worrying about anything back home and so forth, cause the kid really needs a holiday.

It has literally taken me the better part of the day to write this article and it is now midnight. I need to go sleep now, so hopefully I can write some more tomorrow. Have a good Easter everyone and take care!