The Good Things

I unplugged my laptop for the first time in a week and dragged it over to the couch. I sat down and opened up OpenOffice Writer and typed the title “The Good Things” and wrap myself in my megatokyo blanket. I take a sip of my Milo and I suddenly realise why I chose the title. I’ve always heard people say that they enjoy “the simple things in life” but I have never totally understood it. I press play on my favorite episode of Voyager as my server decides to spew.

I get several MSN, ICQ and Yahoo! messages at once and Psi goes crazy. The “new message” bleep sounds off several times as I untangle myself from my blanket and put the Oreos back in the jar. ‘So much for relaxing,’ I think to myself as I avert another Internet-disaster.

I think if anyone asked I could definitely say I enjoy the simple things in life, but I doubt I could honestly say I take the time to enjoy them. I think more than anything I spend far too much time trying to make others happy and not enough time just trying to do the things I feel like doing. I can’t remember the last time I was able to watch a movie from start to finish or even sip my coffee in a relaxed manner without finishing half in one go so I can go do something for someone.

I think, as selfish as this sounds, I am just going to take some time to do some things for me this week. I am finally going to go look for some better headphones for my iPod, go hire a movie and watch it in one sitting and actually take the time to sip my coffee. I am going to do one small thing each day just for myself. Even if it kills me.

Ask me Friday how I did.