bananasontoast goes pro!

Today I lashed out on the bank funds and purchased a pro account over at My love for this photo sharing community is well known to some of my friends and I believe that giving something back in the form of a pro account is definitely a good idea. I, for one, would be lost if I couldn’t send photos from my Nokia 6670 and keep track of the shots I am taking.

After I purchased the account I went through and uploaded some older photos which were used on this weblog and then had to go to the trouble of reordering them. Unfortunately there was no simple way of doing this, so hopefully this is a feature that will be integrated into flickr somewhere down the track. Personally I think any photo gallery needs to be able to be easily reordered and rearranged so they are probably already on it.

If you are unacquainted with flickr, get on over there and check it out. It’s a wonderful photo sharing community with loads of features and it’s a great way to make a few more friends. The community is still in beta, so there will be even more features in the future. These guys are so on the ball, who knows what might happen in the future! They have already integrated my suggestion for custom weblog posting templates, so it’s clear to me that they are planning on big things.