Avatar Competition

This is a repost from my journal at deviantART.com

Well the web design competition is closed due to a lack of entrants, in the end I only got noted three incomplete entries and none of which were really what I was looking for. I gave out some subs and so forth and now I am going to try another competition that should be a little easier.

Numerous people have been offering to make me avatars since I expressed my boredom with my current avatar and now I am putting it out there. Make me an avatar, enter the competition and win yourself a one year subscription!

There is, however, one small catch; I will also be using the avatar on my Flickr (48 pixels by 48 pixels) and Gravatar (80 pixels by 80 pixels) pages, so the avatar will either need to be able to be resized to the different sizes. What this ultimate means is that you should make the avatar as 80×80 and be sure that it still looks good when resized to 50×50 and 48×48 or (and especially if you pixel it) make the three different versions.

1. Avatar should either come in the three sizes (80 pixels by 80 pixels, 50 pixels by 50 pixels and 48 pixels by 48 pixels) or be 80 pixels by 80 pixels and still look nice when resized.
2. The avatar should be original, up beat and most of all G-rated.
3. The avatar should hopefully represent me in some way, however I am looking for something really different, so surprise me!
4. The avatar can be animated or not animated depending on what you prefer.
5. You can enter up to 5 entries per person, so if you aren’t sure do a few.
6. Entries must be in within 30 days of this posting (18th May, 2005).

So that is it. Hopefully this competition won’t such as much as my web design competition and I am looking forward to seeing some entries. Get creative, get moving and it could be you scoring the one year subscription.

Some Avatars I Like: voodoo-prophet, jark, spyed, eStunt, mkinne, spot, neom, leodadominico