The Weekenders

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Myself and my good mate, Mark. This guy is seriously a king, he is an awesome guy. We party together every weekend, laughs galore and we always have a good time.
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Sticko, Mitch and Rob by on

Me and my boys, Sticko and Rob! Great mates, weekenders all the way!

Handprints! by on

It was that cold! Check out the handprints that Rob, Sticko and I made!

Mark, my main man! by on

Mark busting it out at the pub, love the lighting!

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My Hair Products

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My Hair Products, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on

There is seriously something wrong with me. Today I got my hair cut and bought around $25 worth of hair products and placed them on the shelf with all my other stuff. Different gels, waxes, clays, mouses and I suddenly realise that if I was someone else I’d probably be questioning my sexuality. I think the scariest part is that they all have different uses, I know when to use what product and I actually keep them in an order I understand. It’s quite scary and definately worth a journal entry.

Note: Be sure to give the picture a click and check it out, I’ve documented all my products.

My first ever ride!

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Today I did something I’ve been procrastinating over for far too long; I went to the RTA and got my motorcycle learners permit. My good friends Rob and Dave have had bikes for ages and always asked me to go riding with them, but doing so unlicensed wouldn’t really be a good idea. Today, on my only day off in weeks, I went down and got the permit so now I can go cruisng with the boys.

One small problem: I can barely ride! Enter Rob with the plan. I spent about an hour riding around the block and getting used to the feel of the bike, man it was a dream. It felt great to lift the visor and feel the breeze across my face and to feel the awesome power of Rob’s Aprilia racing bike. I mean, the bike may only be a 125cc, but it definitely has loads of power.

So after stalling about a million times and finally learning to operate the clutch and throttle on this bike, I was away. As free as a bird. Well, a bird with wings and a sexy leather jacket anyway. I really enjoyed riding and hopefully I will buy my own bike soon; possibly even this bike, Rob’s Aprilia.

Not exaclty ‘healthy choice’

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Not exaclty ‘healthy choice’, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on

This is what happens when men are left alone. A dinner, as prepared by yours truly, consisting of macaroni and cheese, bread rolls and a pepsi. So sad really. My mother was late home from work and I was beginning to hunger, so in my panicked state I made the nearest prepackaged peice of garbage I could find. Sure, it taste good, but it also explains my excess weight. It’s funny, I am actually really good at cooking, but when it’s just me, I tend to be so lazy.

No I don’t like beans

Day 7 of the week in the life is much too far away for me to even remember, let alone have the energy to write about. Needless to say it was spent with friends, playing PSP and getting ready for another big week at work.

I spent the entire day today in writers mode. Taking in sights and sounds with a writers eye, noticing everything and writing short sentences in my mind to describe them. It was a pretty awesome lunch break, after I finished eating I walked to my cafe and ordered a coffee and some pecan pie. While walking the sun on my face felt amazing and after spending so much time inside, I had almost forgotten what it felt like. I couldn’t help but lose myself in it for a few moments until a car hit it’s warning and scared the life almost out of me.

I sipped my coffee and ate slowly, remembering the texture and sounds around me as it happened. It was like opening your eyes for the first time and really taking the time to notice things; something I’ve been too busy to do lately. It felt good to have the time to think and actually relax, but unfortunately a 30 minutes lunch break is a little to short to enjoy yourself too much.

Well my mother and I just got back from an awesome dinner; 1″ steak and chips at the Hog’s Breath, thanks very much. It was cool just to relax with her and talk about things, with both of our schedules we don’t talk often, so it was fun to really get to chat. We talked about my brothers latest purchase (a car), which I’ll talk about later and just general life stuff. Of course, what is a dinner with the parent without a lecture on your life, she threw that in for free along with a few glasses of wine.

deviantART has been keeping me rather busy, with the creation of my new team. I am now the head operator in charge of the games nights, so I am really getting into gear with that right now. I have a day off on Friday which I am going to spend relaxing and watching movies with Rob, then spend the afternoon doing a crap load of work on deviantART related stuff.

Well, you know what they say about keeping your ear to the grindstone and so forth….

A week in the life, Part 6 – Saturday

7:30 – Out of bed on time and getting ready for work. I’ve had about 4 hours sleep over the last two nights so I am a little tired and I take a guarana tablet with my coffee. I shower and get ready by about 7:50 and sit on the end of my bed until it’s time to work. Ryan decides to sleep in for a while and I head to work around 8:30 again.
8:45 – Chatting to Ben and Luke at work about just how beautiful my PSP is. They are both jealous and Luke says once again that he is gonna get one soon – I can’t wait to multiplay.
9:00 – The doors open and the work begins. The day goes surprisingly quickly and before I know it, it’s 1 o’clock and I finish off.
1:15 – Pick up Luke from his house and Ryan from mine and we head to KFC for some lunch. It’s all good until I find some gross looking chicken guts in mine and throw the rest out.
1:30 – Some quick mothers day shopping, followed by a trip to the cash machine. We end up meeting Locky and the 4 of us head out to the computer “fare”. Computer fare sucks more ass than ever expected with most of the “technology” being pretty old. Got some funny photos from there and posted them to flickr, so the outcome wasn’t all bad.
3:27 – We go to Rob’s work and have a chat with him. I look at some camera bags and a nice JVC MPEG2 recording and end up having to be dragged out before I spend money that I can’t afford. I drop all the guys home and head home myself.
4:03 – Rob finished work at 4 o’clock and is already on the phone to me. He is keen for another huge night; me, not so much. I take a nap for a while and he comes around and wakes me up around 6.
6:30 – Showered, dressed and ready to go out. As pre usual, Rob puts me in the mood to get out and hit the night. We go see some friends and end up at Rob’s sisters house where her husband gives me some homemade hooch. Dear god, I nearly die from the stuff and it tastes like metho. “Holy fuck me,” I say a bit too loud and apologize profusely.
7:34 – Rob and I get dropped off at Lukes and we walk to the bar after listening to some Human Traffic quotes. That movie always puts us in a good mood and gives us good laughs.
7:56 – We finally hit the bar and have a pretty standard night. Major differences being that Luke and Dessy are out, which is just fantastic. Rob and I are always out and always begging the other guys to come, it’s awesome when some of them make the effort to come out.
4:09 – I finally get home. Holy crap I had a huge night. I was so wrecked that I passed out on the couch
5:34 – I wake up and finally take my ass to bed and spend a good portion of Sunday sleeping.

A week in the life, Part 5 – Friday

7:22 – Out of bed early for once this week and I cruise down and make some breakfast. Toast with vegemite, some cereal, and I hit the shower. Feeling a touch hungover, but mostly fine I start feeling much better after the shower.
8:00 – Phone call to Australia Post to make sure my PSP has arrived in town and they confirm that it has indeed arrived.
8:30 – I leave for work early and spend a while listening to my iPod. I spend some time catching up on The Daily Source Code and just relaxing before work.
9:00 – Start work. Boring, slow, uninteresting day. The only thing keeping me going is that on my lunch break I get to pick my PSP up.
1:10 – I finally get to take lunch and I run to the Australia Post office. The only thing slower than the postal service in Australia are their damned workers. I spend close to 10 minutes in line while the dumbass behind the counter carefull puts shredded paper into a box, almost a strand at a time. Meanwhile, the aforementioned dumbass only tells me that I have to wait for it to be delivered. D’oh!
1:40 – After eating some pasta really, really fast I go back to work. The afternoon drags on until I receive an SMS informing me that my PSP has arrived. The rest of the afternoon flys and then I race home to see the beautiful PSP.
5:25 – I had plans on opening the slowly and photographing the moment, but alas the excitement took over and I ripped it open flat out. It’s so pretty that I almost cry and I get even close to tears when I realise that I didn’t get sent an Australian power adapter. Luckily, the piece of the cable is removable and I replace it with an Australian cable from my camera.
5:45 – I start worrying because the battery doesn’t seem to be charging and I am suddenly scared I have been given a faulty module. Luke comes over and checks it out with me and eventually it begins working properly – no problems since either.
6:00 – Rob arrives and my excitement peaks a little. I am ready to go out again and have some laughs with my best friends so I quickly have a shower and get ready.
7:00 – Clean clothes, good smell, nice breath, hair done. Yep, I’m ready. We’re out the door and off to the bar for a few beers.
7:05 – We float around for a while and say hello to all the other friends and acquaintances we have and eventually make our way to the pool tables. Some smelly guy and his long haired friend challenge us to a game, Rob and I accept. They insist on putting some cash on it and again we accept (reluctantly). Rob and I sink our seven red balls and the black before they get two shots in and they both pay up. I wouldn’t normally accept money for a game of pool, but the guys were being absolute jerks so I gladly put my hand out and made them cough up.
7:49 – Things start getting a little messy. Rob and I are sipping half a beer and them drinking the rest in one go. We think it’s funny, but we are clearly getting more than a little thrashed. Night takes on a bit of a blur and we just hang out and play some more pool.
9:50 – Mark and Dale arrive and we get a little more pumped. These guys are such a laugh and we always have fun together, we quickly get on the same level and we end up stepping out.
12:00 – We head to the nightclub and dance up a storm. We’re drunk and definitely in the mood to have some laughs and everyone has a great night. No fights, no rubbish and an all round good night. Just the boys having some fun.
3:00 – I suddenly remember a little thing called work and call it quits. I shake about a million hands, say goodnight to my friends and head home. I lay in bed with my heart still pumping and I just can’t get myself to sleep. I lay awake for hours until I finally get to sleep around about 6 o’clock in the morning.
6:30 – Ryan busts down the door and wakes me up. He’s lost his phone and uses mine to see if he can find it and eventually locates it laying on the road in front of my house. He crashes on the couch and I go back to sleep, looking forward to a tough day at work.

A week in the life, Part 4 – Thursday

Sorry this didn’t get published last night, but I was a little inhebriated. Also, note the lack of clarity later in the night.

7:30 – Jump out of bed like it’s PSP day and call up the Australia Post tracking service. “Registered post takes two days,” she says. “Fuck beans,” I proclaim and go down stairs to eat toast.
8:00 – Breakfast is over and I got to the shower to… errr… think… and cleans my body.
8:45 – Dressed, ready for work and I make my way there. I arrive with plenty of time so I do a quick mirror check to make sure I am at my best and head out and rock the sales floor.
1:45 – Late lunch because I have to work so late so I quickly eat some pasta. The floor is going like madness so I cut my 30 minute lunchbreak short at 10 minutes and get back out there.
7:15 – I *finally* knock off work and make my way to my car. It was a long day, I needed a beer and I knew just the boys to hang with.
7:20 – Pick Rob up from his house and we talk cod shit for the entire ride to my place. We have a few drinks (thanks Sarah for your welcome donation of two Vodka Double Blacks) and talk some more cod shit. I have a shower and get ready while Rob chats to his significant other and we finally get my dad to drop us at the pub.
8:00 – The boys (Rob, Luke and myself) make a huge entrance and begin our usual networking. We chat to DJ’s and bar staff and just chill out with a few beers. I don’t really want to go out and I attempt to convince Rob (and myself) of this for almost the entire night.
12:00 – A lot is a small blur and the next thing I know I realize I was less than successful in convincing myself not to go out, and I go out.
1:00 – Everyone is in and the door is shut and the dance floor is kind of boring. There are some kinky looking girls about and the boys and I just have a dance and a laugh. We’re probably the only guys (barring Paul Mecureo) who like to dance, we don’t go overboard, but it’s better than sitting in the corner and watching girls like a pervert.
3:00 – Time to go home. The bar is closing and I suddenly realize I have to up for work in just 4 hours and Rob and I hitch a taxy home, after all the other boys ditching us earlier in the night.
3:45 – Finally in bed. Sleeping. Work in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Oh noes.