A week in the life, Part 4 – Thursday

Sorry this didn’t get published last night, but I was a little inhebriated. Also, note the lack of clarity later in the night.

7:30 – Jump out of bed like it’s PSP day and call up the Australia Post tracking service. “Registered post takes two days,” she says. “Fuck beans,” I proclaim and go down stairs to eat toast.
8:00 – Breakfast is over and I got to the shower to… errr… think… and cleans my body.
8:45 – Dressed, ready for work and I make my way there. I arrive with plenty of time so I do a quick mirror check to make sure I am at my best and head out and rock the sales floor.
1:45 – Late lunch because I have to work so late so I quickly eat some pasta. The floor is going like madness so I cut my 30 minute lunchbreak short at 10 minutes and get back out there.
7:15 – I *finally* knock off work and make my way to my car. It was a long day, I needed a beer and I knew just the boys to hang with.
7:20 – Pick Rob up from his house and we talk cod shit for the entire ride to my place. We have a few drinks (thanks Sarah for your welcome donation of two Vodka Double Blacks) and talk some more cod shit. I have a shower and get ready while Rob chats to his significant other and we finally get my dad to drop us at the pub.
8:00 – The boys (Rob, Luke and myself) make a huge entrance and begin our usual networking. We chat to DJ’s and bar staff and just chill out with a few beers. I don’t really want to go out and I attempt to convince Rob (and myself) of this for almost the entire night.
12:00 – A lot is a small blur and the next thing I know I realize I was less than successful in convincing myself not to go out, and I go out.
1:00 – Everyone is in and the door is shut and the dance floor is kind of boring. There are some kinky looking girls about and the boys and I just have a dance and a laugh. We’re probably the only guys (barring Paul Mecureo) who like to dance, we don’t go overboard, but it’s better than sitting in the corner and watching girls like a pervert.
3:00 – Time to go home. The bar is closing and I suddenly realize I have to up for work in just 4 hours and Rob and I hitch a taxy home, after all the other boys ditching us earlier in the night.
3:45 – Finally in bed. Sleeping. Work in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Oh noes.