A week in the life, Part 6 – Saturday

7:30 – Out of bed on time and getting ready for work. I’ve had about 4 hours sleep over the last two nights so I am a little tired and I take a guarana tablet with my coffee. I shower and get ready by about 7:50 and sit on the end of my bed until it’s time to work. Ryan decides to sleep in for a while and I head to work around 8:30 again.
8:45 – Chatting to Ben and Luke at work about just how beautiful my PSP is. They are both jealous and Luke says once again that he is gonna get one soon – I can’t wait to multiplay.
9:00 – The doors open and the work begins. The day goes surprisingly quickly and before I know it, it’s 1 o’clock and I finish off.
1:15 – Pick up Luke from his house and Ryan from mine and we head to KFC for some lunch. It’s all good until I find some gross looking chicken guts in mine and throw the rest out.
1:30 – Some quick mothers day shopping, followed by a trip to the cash machine. We end up meeting Locky and the 4 of us head out to the computer “fare”. Computer fare sucks more ass than ever expected with most of the “technology” being pretty old. Got some funny photos from there and posted them to flickr, so the outcome wasn’t all bad.
3:27 – We go to Rob’s work and have a chat with him. I look at some camera bags and a nice JVC MPEG2 recording and end up having to be dragged out before I spend money that I can’t afford. I drop all the guys home and head home myself.
4:03 – Rob finished work at 4 o’clock and is already on the phone to me. He is keen for another huge night; me, not so much. I take a nap for a while and he comes around and wakes me up around 6.
6:30 – Showered, dressed and ready to go out. As pre usual, Rob puts me in the mood to get out and hit the night. We go see some friends and end up at Rob’s sisters house where her husband gives me some homemade hooch. Dear god, I nearly die from the stuff and it tastes like metho. “Holy fuck me,” I say a bit too loud and apologize profusely.
7:34 – Rob and I get dropped off at Lukes and we walk to the bar after listening to some Human Traffic quotes. That movie always puts us in a good mood and gives us good laughs.
7:56 – We finally hit the bar and have a pretty standard night. Major differences being that Luke and Dessy are out, which is just fantastic. Rob and I are always out and always begging the other guys to come, it’s awesome when some of them make the effort to come out.
4:09 – I finally get home. Holy crap I had a huge night. I was so wrecked that I passed out on the couch
5:34 – I wake up and finally take my ass to bed and spend a good portion of Sunday sleeping.