No I don’t like beans

Day 7 of the week in the life is much too far away for me to even remember, let alone have the energy to write about. Needless to say it was spent with friends, playing PSP and getting ready for another big week at work.

I spent the entire day today in writers mode. Taking in sights and sounds with a writers eye, noticing everything and writing short sentences in my mind to describe them. It was a pretty awesome lunch break, after I finished eating I walked to my cafe and ordered a coffee and some pecan pie. While walking the sun on my face felt amazing and after spending so much time inside, I had almost forgotten what it felt like. I couldn’t help but lose myself in it for a few moments until a car hit it’s warning and scared the life almost out of me.

I sipped my coffee and ate slowly, remembering the texture and sounds around me as it happened. It was like opening your eyes for the first time and really taking the time to notice things; something I’ve been too busy to do lately. It felt good to have the time to think and actually relax, but unfortunately a 30 minutes lunch break is a little to short to enjoy yourself too much.

Well my mother and I just got back from an awesome dinner; 1″ steak and chips at the Hog’s Breath, thanks very much. It was cool just to relax with her and talk about things, with both of our schedules we don’t talk often, so it was fun to really get to chat. We talked about my brothers latest purchase (a car), which I’ll talk about later and just general life stuff. Of course, what is a dinner with the parent without a lecture on your life, she threw that in for free along with a few glasses of wine.

deviantART has been keeping me rather busy, with the creation of my new team. I am now the head operator in charge of the games nights, so I am really getting into gear with that right now. I have a day off on Friday which I am going to spend relaxing and watching movies with Rob, then spend the afternoon doing a crap load of work on deviantART related stuff.

Well, you know what they say about keeping your ear to the grindstone and so forth….