My first ever ride!

My first ever ride! by on

My first ever ride!, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on

Today I did something I’ve been procrastinating over for far too long; I went to the RTA and got my motorcycle learners permit. My good friends Rob and Dave have had bikes for ages and always asked me to go riding with them, but doing so unlicensed wouldn’t really be a good idea. Today, on my only day off in weeks, I went down and got the permit so now I can go cruisng with the boys.

One small problem: I can barely ride! Enter Rob with the plan. I spent about an hour riding around the block and getting used to the feel of the bike, man it was a dream. It felt great to lift the visor and feel the breeze across my face and to feel the awesome power of Rob’s Aprilia racing bike. I mean, the bike may only be a 125cc, but it definitely has loads of power.

So after stalling about a million times and finally learning to operate the clutch and throttle on this bike, I was away. As free as a bird. Well, a bird with wings and a sexy leather jacket anyway. I really enjoyed riding and hopefully I will buy my own bike soon; possibly even this bike, Rob’s Aprilia.