A week in the life, Part 3 – Wednesday

7:30 – Call from mother dear to alert me, I actually get out of bed because I am excited about ordering my Sony PSP.
7:32 – Almost half of my paycheck is gone already after I bust the credit card out over at Burn and purchase a Japenese Sony PSP and Accessory Kit and Metal Gear: Acid.
8:00 – The euphoria of my $800 splurg wares off and I begin getting ready for work. Efforts hindered by the fact I am obsessing over the PSP and watching my inbox like a hawk to see if the confirmation arrived. It didn’t.
8:47 – After much dicking about I finally leave for work. Once again, worthless parents slow me down (I live near a school) with their unnecessary concerne over their childs safety.
8:59 – I walk in the door as the chime rings for work to start. I throw on my lanyard and proceed to work. High of the morning: a customer sneezing so hard that a booger hung out their nose. Low: the fact they didn’t even realise it was there. Eww.
3:00 – I finally take my lunch and sit down with a lovely bowl of pasta and some crackers. I finish in a record 7 minutes so that I have time to check my email. My 6670 downloads the good news that my PSP is on it’s way and I feel like as excited as I did when I ordered it.
3:25 – Lunch is boring when you have nother to do, I start work again and have a quiet afternoon. High: my sales figures are doing really well. Low: some customers just want too much.
5:30 – I finally finish work and sign off on time for the first time in weeks. I get my bag, sling on my iPod and make my way out the door. There is something awesome about being able to hear my music whenever I want that just makes me love my iPod. I cruise to my car listening to Linkin Park and nearly walk into Luke. Luke is being harrased by one of those “would you like to sign up for…” assholes and I pause to see, but continue with my earbuds in. Luke clearly needs saving so I do the best I can, “dude, do you need a lift still?” He didn’t take the hint and I took off, leaving him with medusa.
5:43 – I get home and check my email. Burn shipped my PSP correctly earlier today and I am happy. I should be gaming by the weekend and I have to admit I am rather excited.
5:50 – I leave about 50 unread emails and go make some dinner. Some bread to start and then a lean cuisine; chicken thai curry. Dinner is good and I come back upstairs to continue my tirade of non-stop work. I read email, reply to deviantART comments and the such and read a bunch of stuff I probably don’t need to.
6:30 – I sit on the couch and read some stuff for work, while intermittently going and doing some things on the computer such as budgeting my pay.
7:35 – Fell asleep sitting on the couch.
9:02 – Back up and cleaning up some stuff for work and packing my bag for tomorrow.
9:30 – Feeling rather shitty I take some more flu tablets and chew down some more throat lozenges.
10:03 – Said “fuck it all,” and went to bed. I need some rest if I am gonna make it through this week alive.

A week in the life, Part 2 -Tuesday

7:30 – My mother calls to make sure I am getting out of bed for work. I assure her that I am on my feet and ready to roll.
7:55 – I finally get out of bed with only 45 minutes to get ready for work today and I check my email. I find myself staring at the PSP I am soon to purchase (while drooling) and realist I now have only 15 minutes to get deady.
8:25 – I shower and shave and make myself smell half decent and bolt out the door forgetting my lunch.
8:59 – Arrive at work with only a few seconds to spare, no lunch, no iPod and feeling a little under the weather. My throat is sore and killing me and I put on my work gear and begin. High of the day: Nordic chick returns, I drool, she borrows a pen and leaves, I drool. Low of the day: Once again, it’s hard to pick something when the high is so high.
5:30 – Finish work and put my bag back together. I have half an hour to hang out and wait for the meeting so I spend it downloading “erotica” to the work phones and bluetoothing it over to mine and Ben’s phone.
6:00 – I put Paris away and listen into the meeting. Alas, an NDA stops me from more details than to say it was mostly compliments for yours truly, apart from being called a “fucking pikey” for calling in sick on a Saturday two weeks ago.
6:31 – I finally leave work and drive home. I feel worse than when I started and my throat is killing me. I arrive home, quickly eat dinner and get changed and head out.
7:00 – I pick up Rob and we head to the local Inn for a few drinks for the lovely Zara’s birthday. Beers with Rob and nattering with the girls is always fun. A few blonde comments and a little bit of pool and I am ready to finally go home.
10:00 – I finally leave and come home to make hot dogs. Decide that hot dogs and pepsi quite possibly make the best meal ever. I sit and eat, complete writing of the day thus far and continue about my business of checking emails, weblogs, commenting on deviantART and responding to various other communications.
11:07 – The MSN flood begins and I find myself chatting endlessly to a lot of different online friends all while speaking on the phone to a friend.
12:47 – Bed time. Leave me alone, I’m sick, I’m tired and I have to be up for work in six and a half hours.

A week in the life, Part 1 – Monday

7:30 – My mother calls to make sure I am getting out of bed for work. I assure her that I am on my feet and ready to roll.
8:00 – I finally get out of bed with only 40 minutes to get ready for work. I check my email (nothing but spam), reply to some forum comments on deviantART and check my work statistics for the last month.
8:25 – I have 15 minutes to get showered, shaved, dressed, drink some coffee, eat some breakfast and make sure I smell nice. I managed to get showered and dressed, the rest got put on hold.
8:55 – Arrive at work with only 5 minutes to spare, sign myself into the work sheet and sit with my iPod. Linkin Park belt out some melodies into my ears, putting me into my “zone” before I step out onto the sales floor. Work is pretty standard stuff and my day goes quickly. High point: Hot Nordic chick who needed me to “fix ze fone for ‘er” – Egad, what a stunner! Low point: In comparison; everything else.
5:50 – I work an extra 50 minutes helping out a customer and sign out late (I can hear the cash rolling in now). My iPod goes back into my ears and I get only my second dose of fresh air for the day – the car window on the way home.
6:00 – Arrive home feeling rather sick and decide to heat up some chicken soup for dinner rather than eating with the family.
6:30 – Dinner has been consumed and the bedroom is a freaking mess. Time to clean it up. Tidy up, vacuum, make the bed, remove dirty dishes and clothes, make the place smell nice, wash the dishes, and file away my paperwork from work.
7:30 – Quick trip to the shops. The quick trip ends up taking an hour because of hold ups and the fact that my budget had me calculating everything I bought. End purches came to pepsi, stuff for work and a bunch of products aimed at making me smell better and look better – could I be more vain?
9:05 – Begin deviantART. End life. I have 47 emails, 213 Deviations, 4 Misc. Messages, 5 Comments, 13 Forum message, 187 Journals, and 38 Polls to either read, comment on or reply to. Total time spent answering: 40 minutes, without reading any journals and only commenting on random deviations. Plus another 10 minutes reorganizing my watch list so that I am not having to do so much crap in the future.
9:45 – deviantART continues with a stint on dAmn kicking the asses of n00bs.
10:45 – Organize work stuff, download podcasts, chat to my friends on MSN/ICQ and clean up some more.
10:50 – Make some lunch for tomorrow at work. Vegemite sandwiches, pepsi, cheese, crackers and a pickle.
11:04 – Ate one too many slices of salami and feeling kind of messy in the stomach. Once again, I cure everthing with bread and pepsi. My stomach smiles again.
11:16 – Begin the sage attack. 17 new blogs, only 5 of which I don’t rate as important.
12:02 – Not even half way through the weblogs and podcasts I decide to upload some photos I took a few nights ago of some flowers. Man, I really love flickr.
12:30 – Feeling sick, big drink of water and some vitamins as I put on some Deep Space Nine to fall asleep to.

Day one, over and out.

A week in who’s life?

Beginning tomorrow I am doing a “week in the life of” series. Every minute of my day will be carefully chronicled just to see what comes of it. I guess more than anything, at the end of it maybe we’ll all understand why I have so much trouble finding time to do any writing or take a moment to realax.

Of course it tastes like cheese

bananas on toast has been sitting in the back of my mind, nagging at me like a wife. I’ve really wanted to write, but I just haven’t had time, so here I am struggling to stay awake after a really big weekend with a few little things.

The website has finished all the major updates, the new look is complete and any future changes should be rather minor. I’ve included some nice 80 x 15 buttons on the right hand side which I like, advertising my favorite Open Source software, my news feeds, some things I use and my creative commons deed.

On the topic of creative commons, I just finished watching a movie titled “Star Wars: Revelations” which was released under a Creative Commons License. The movie ran for around 40-something minutes and considering it only cost a few hundred MB of download time, it was brilliant. The special effects are awesome, the plot was more than reasonable and the acting wasn’t too bad either. All in all, I think it’s a good show of the talent and selflessness that is out there, go download the movie and see for yourself. Tomorrow I shall be watching Batman: Dead End, so expect another report.

Beer Caps

Beer Caps by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

Beer Caps, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on flickr.com.

The boss was out of town for the week and the second in charge took over… She decided we had been working hard (and granted, we were being flogged like mules) and deserved a beer, so she gave everyone two Crown Lagers as we knocked off… Although it says “Australia’s Finest” there are much better beers to be had, it’s just that people here seem to think it’s the only premium beer in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad beer, but there are better.