Aprilia Glory

For those who don’t know, after I tell them I own an Aprilia racing bike their response is usually something like, “is that a Suzuki?” For those who do know, they usually drool. I’ve always wanted to get my bike license and have the freedom to just jump on a bike and go riding, but only recently have I ever made it happen. It all started from a conversation with my good mate Rob…

*queue the blurry fade-out and crazy music as we travel back 4 or 5 weeks*

Mitch: Dude, I should totally get my bike license so I can go riding with you.
Rob: So do it!
Mitch: Yeah man, I think I will!
Rob: Dude, it’s your day off today, when will you get another chance to do it?!
Mitch: Yeah, true.
Rob: So…?
Mitch: I dunno…?
Rob: Get out and go get your license. Now!

*queue the blurry fade-in and crazy music as we travel back to present time*

Needless to say that I got my license that afternoon. Within a week and a half I purchased Rob’s old bike off him, since he was thinking of upgrading to a 1000cc bike and was already planning on selling it. So now I own a 2003 Aprilia RS125, Rob owns a 2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 and Dave owns an 2000 Aprlia RSV1000 Mille (picture to come) – some of the sexiest bikes I’ve ever seen.

Well if you monitor my photoblog at flickr at all, you would know that I have already been unfortunate enough to have an accident. I jumped the clutch, panicked, hit the brakes and then hit the deck. The damage to me was the last thing on my mind and was pretty minimal, but my beautiful bike was scarred. I’ve spent the last two weeks fixing my darling and her makeover is complete. My 2003 model bike now has the latest 2005 stickering, along with a lot of ideas from myself, Dave and Rob. Dave, a signwriter by trade, was able to create all the stickering for me and get it all done perfect.

Admire my bike and fear my riding skills!

My Ride by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

My Ride, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on flickr.com.