All The Gears Turning

Not only have I spent a whole heap of money on protective gear for my bike… Not only have I had the hugest weekend of my life, clubbing with some of my closest friends… Not only have I gotten a new, more secure and higher paying job… Not only… Crap, well that is still a lot right?

My journal entries of late have promised to see me writing more, but it never really eventuates. I think rather than say that, I will just do my best and we’ll see what happens.

Today I went for an interview for a new job. There was nothing wrong with my old job, but the flaws were there. I was working as a casual with no guarantees of hours, I had no paid holidays or sick leave, I had no guarantees at all really. It was really no different than working any other casual job. The job I will be working at now is another sales job, full-time with a much higher pay as well as commission on sales and other benefits. It’s an awesome job with some cool people, so I am lucky to have such an awesome opportunity.

My eyelids are heavy, I am falling asleep, I need to take some time to write and to just be me. Fuck it.