It’s funny how age, size and years of experience change your perception of things. I remember visiting my childhood haunts last year and thinking how small everything looked. The last I saw my first primary school, the “big rocks,” and valleys I used to run through, they just seemed so large and so important. These days, the things that seem important seem very far from the valleys I used to ride my BMX through as a child.

I think one of the biggest changes in perception is the way I view friends now, as opposed to when I was growing up. When you are very young, your friends are any person who you can invite to your birthday party or supplies you with food. Then when you hit the middle years of primary school you befriend anyone who seems fun and plays with the same toys you play with. In later primary and early high school you will hang with people who like the same music and the same girls and later high school it’s just the same girls.

When I got to university, I cemented some of my greatest friendships and it made a difference to my life in so many ways. Michael and Steven were two friends who came from high school with me who I still count (even if Steven doesn’t return the feelings) as terrific friends. I also made some great friendships with some friends from different sports (rugby, soccer, etc) and made even better friends with the guys that I lived on the same floor with. Ryan, who occasionally comments on this journal, still counts as one of the best friends I’ve ever made even though we don’t keep contact as much as I know we’d both like.

My friends from the end of high school, the guys I made friends with from university and the guys I hang out with here are the best I’ve ever made. The friends I spend most every day with, and the ones I don’t see that often alike, are like brothers to me. I am in a very good place in life and everything just seems like it’s on the up-and-up. My only regret at the time that while my professional and social life seems to improve, my creative life is suffering immensly. It’s not secret that I have hardly touched my writing in ages and my photography over at deviantART hasn’t progressed in quite some time. Sometimes I wish I had 30 hours in a day, enough time to do some of everything.

This article took a tangent, but the point is that I am far pickier with my friends now as I was as a child, young or old. I’ve learned to read people and learned how to choose good friends. The last thing I want in my life is a fake friend or people I cannot trust and majority of the friends I have these days are what I used to call “best friends” – friends I could trust with anything and everything. So to all my friends, I hope you know how much you mean to me.

A special mention goes to Kevin; a friend who can fit into no other category than one of the best advice givers and most trustworthy people I have ever met. He has always guided me in the right direction without pushing, he has always given me terrific advice and no one has ever offered an ear as often when it was truly needed.

A special apology goes out to everyone who reads this; it’s late, I’m tired and the entry probably makes very little sense.