Are those your lucky shoes?

I think when I put my bike down it was agreed it was pretty unlucky. I jumped the clutch, hit the throttled and in true newb style, I panicked. Sure I’m not an experienced rider by any standards, but that was a lot to do with being very unlucky. Just as if my luck with the bike couldn’t get any worse, yesterday my engine blew up.

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and Rob arrives at my house. I say goodbye and put my second phone in my jacket pocket and put on my brand new helmet. It’s freezing cold, but the sun is shining and I leave my visor up to feel the sun on my face for a little bit. We ride and get the other guys and take a nice afternoons ride two a town about 60 kilometers away. A few cokes in the tavern we stop at and enjoy the fire and we begin to head back.

I step over my bike and it starts perfectly, as it always does. I am second to take off and I take all turns until we reach the edge of town effortlessly. I am riding my Aprilia RS125, but I am now following a Honda CBR600, an Aprilia 1999 RSV1000 and an Aprilia 2004 RSV1000-R – all bikes with far more power than my own. I’m not worried at following along a few kilometers back, I am happy to concentrate on myself and my bike.

At the half way point I see the three bikes stopped, but I hardly slow down – they’ll catch up and it’ll be quicker this way. Within a few kilometers they had caught up and we were all riding together. I was sticking to the speed limit and soon came up behind a car going a lot slower. I look in my rear vision mirror and the bike trailing me is far enough behind so I begin to overtake. I slip back one gear and turn the throttle and begin powering past the car, barely revving my engine over 10,000rpm (my engine doesn’t even redline until 12,000). I pass the car without incident and the bike behind me does too, as well as passing me.

No power. Back wheel locked. My bike is sliding all over the road and if the driver following me wasn’t so switched on, I was dead. ‘I will not fall off this bike,’ I say to myself as the power of travelling at 140km/h and suddenly having a locked rear wheel takes me into the onvoming traffic. My bike is calling the shots and I am now standing to try and keep it balanced as it rolls off the side of the ride and comes to a stead stop.

My bike is absolutely ass whipped. I am hoping it will be fixed under warranty, but I just don’t know. It’s sitting in Dave’s shed collecting dust until I can get it to the nearest city to the closest Aprilia authorized representative. Damn bike, wish me luck.