I don’t want to work today, Mr. Roboto

So I’ve got the day off from work and boy am I loving it! I woke up around 10am (mega sleep in from my usual 7am start) and threw my hand onto my desk and after a few clicks of the mouse I was watching The Simpsons. ‘Ahh, this is the life for me,’ I thought to myself as I went to the kitchen for a nutritious breakfast of donuts and coffee.

One of the things about making a truly great day off is that you need to decide what kind of day off you need most. There are two kinds of days off, the kind where you get all that stuff done you’ve been meaning to get done for ages, or the kind where you barely even take off your pajamas. I am happy to say that it is now 12:22pm and I am still sitting here in a pair of grandpa pants and an old shirt and only five minutes ago realized that I really should get into the shower.

I have tomorrow off also, so I guess it would be kind of bad if I seriously got nothing done, but right now I am content to sit here and enjoy relaxing like I haven’t done in such a long time. I think I am going to do some web surfing and hopefully some writing with the rest of my day and hopefully tidy my disgusting room. Laterz!